Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yatz Yatz Zouk Zouk

specially made by Nigel

Last Thursday we had a late birthday celebration for Yatz @ Zouk and we went in with the Zouk Facebook Friend Birthday Thingy. With 6 jugs of whisky/vodka. FREE. =)

Due to some reasons, i attended the party pretty late which i owe an apology to the people who was early there. Sorry. =(

and recently, in Gmail thread(a place where we DGMB-ians chat pretty often), Yatz kept saying i can has cheezburger... and so the peeps got him a cheezburger from McD... Haha... totally random...

Happy Yatz with his Cheezburger!

*bite bite bite*

and we made him eat at the spot xD

this was what we got for him as present. While he was eating.

Yatz and his signature smile + hand gesture

throughout the whole night, we were enjoying free drinks.


we were there for a few hours and because it was a Thursday where some of us have to work the next day, some left the scene earlier.

there is nothing much left to say about the party actually...

except for this one picture where Yatz was emitting some laser beam light from his very nose... haa

the peeps that was there are the ones mentioned above + Jason and his Gf.



Jessielicious said...

eh?Yat's bday ah?when was it ah ?haha happy birthday Yat! *if ur reading dis comment dat is* LOL!

yapthomas said...

i was there late too..!!

joshuaongys said...

> Jessielicious : yesh yatz bday haha exact date its about 2 weeks ago hahahaha

> yapthomas : horr!!! xD

Yatz said...

i iz teh happy XD

joshuaongys said...

> Yatz : memang pun!

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