Monday, January 05, 2009

Praise Exercise in Johor Bahru 2008

End of last year, 2008, there was this Praise Exercise that was held in JB, Malaysia and someone mailed me a few pictures on that, so i'm just posting them up here.


Praise Exercise #1

Praise Exercise #2

Praise Exercise #3

Praise Exercise #4

Praise Exercise was established in 2004. The Founder, a Taiwan Music Teacher Ng Mei Yun began her teaching from a park and now dance throughout Taiwan. More than 200 locations, more than 10 thousand people praise God through exercise at the same time every morning. Now, it has spread to many countries in the world inclusive USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, South East Asia, New Zealand and many more in the progress. Beautiful Praise Exercise is created when Rhythmic Exercise is supported with songs using Bible Scripture and beautiful music. These exercises include Contract, Stretch, Push and Twist. Active, sustain, gentle & strong. Dance within exercise, Exercise within Dance, Exercise through the body, soul and spirit. All sessions will be conducted in Mandarin and open to the Chinese Churches in the Southern District of Malaysia. Please encourage more Christian participation to use this Praise Dance Exercise to reach out the Chinese communities at large.


julian said...

Interesting - I never heard of this... kind of like Tai-chi, or Falun Gong don't you think?

dailymuscle said...

Never heard of this before as well. Thanks for sharing.

joshuaongys said...

> julian : i think its easier to pick up than those u mentioned =D its not a kung fu thingy de hahaha

> dailymuscle : no probs, am jz helping ppl to post it here =D

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