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CDFM Praisercise - Praise Dance Exercise

Praise Dance Exercise
By Ng Mei Yun, Founder of Praise Dance Exercise & Team from Taiwan.

Date : 2008年6月 1日
June 1, 2008
Venue :Agape Gospel Assembly of God 芙蓉神召会爱恩堂
25, Jalan Dato Muda Linggi,
Seremban, Negri Sembilan
Tel: 06 7639699 / Fax: 06 7621332

Date:2008年6月 4日
June 4, 2008
Venue : Berean Assembly of God 庇利连神召会
9 -10, Jalan Flora 1, Taman Flora,
83000 Batu Pahat, Johor
Tel: 07 4312152 / Fax: 07 4328586

Praise Dance Exercise
Seed Teacher Training Camp
Date :2008年5月29-31日
May 29 – 31, 2008
The Dance City Studio
149-4 & 151-4, Jalan Lancang
Taman Sri Bahtera, Cheras
56100 Kuala Lumpur

Praise Exercise was established in 2004. The Founder, a Taiwan Music Teacher Ng Mei Yun began her teaching from a park and now dance throughout Taiwan. More than 200 locations, more than 10 thousand people praise God through exercise at the same time every morning. Now, it has spread to many countries in the world inclusive USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, South East Asia, New Zealand and many more in the progress. Beautiful Praise Exercise is created when Rhythmic Exercise is supported with songs using Bible Scripture and beautiful music. These exercises include Contract, Stretch, Push and Twist. Active, sustain, gentle & strong. Dance within exercise, Exercise within Dance, Exercise through the body, soul and spirit. All sessions will be conducted in Mandarin and open to the Chinese Churches in the Southern District of Malaysia. Please encourage more Christian participation to use this Praise Dance Exercise to reach out the Chinese communities at large.

讚美操成立於2004年。創辦人吳美雲音樂老師(台灣), 從第一個公園起跳遍傳至台灣各處,現每早台灣各處200多個點, 超過萬人一起運動讚美上帝。目前再積極由台灣傳到世界的角落,如美國、中國、香港、東南亞、加拿大、紐西蘭等許多國家也正在積極推廣中。讚美操以聖經話語、優美編曲及歌聲編成詩歌,再加上有規律的體操運動,形成美妙的讚美操運動。此運動包括擠壓、推動、扭轉及伸展組成;靜動、柔勁合成;操中有舞,舞中有操,操練身體也操練靈性。

CDFM : 013-3088006 / 0176355770
王壽國牧師 : 017-8810885
黃福漢弟兄 : 016-2337000
鄧師母 : 017-3788740
神召会爱恩堂 : 06-7639699
庇利连神召会 : 07 4312152

聯辦 Jointly Organised:
馬來西亞基督徒舞蹈團契 Christian Dance Fellowship Malaysia
馬來西亞基督教青年協會 Malaysia Christian Youth Association
喜樂滿人間社區關懷 Joy To The World Community Service

For more information : Praisercise


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Looks interesting.i love dancing. will dance my way there.

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> anonymous : good!!! Do join the event!

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