Saturday, May 03, 2008

meeting people from time to time and moving on

my life as a blogger have been rather interesting lately, i've meet quite a bunch of people here and there in various places and events. I wouldn't say that i'm happening, there are much more bloggers who're happening than me. Do more blog~hopping then you'll know who are they all.

i used to join this forum by Youth Alive Malaysia and that is quite a happening forum among us Christian youths years ago. Through there i found an identity being in a group of people i met online and thats the first time i have such exciting feeling in me. Although we only get to meet each other(forum members) in youth events or youth camps but when we meet we're like very close friends, we're exactly like brothers and sisters and i like that kind of feeling.

I met my current darling through that forum as well, made many many friends as well and i meant many!! Some that i'm closed with before and became strangers after that.

i guess all these process will repeat itself, regardless of where you meet the people, you'll get close with a few of them and soon you both will become strangers and you'll meet another bunch of peeps.

however, i've been trying to keep in touch with the peeps i'm once closed with, but somehow i guess everyone have their own lives to move on and it seems that what i'm doing is quite useless. I'm glad that i'm still meeting new friends from time to time for example a bunch of crazy bloggers who meet each other in a random meeting recently.

why on earth did i wrote all these...

all because of PamSONG!!! we were chatting about serious stuffs and all of a sudden i thought of many stuffs....

when we chat?? just now only!!! ZZZZzzz like... 2.40am

eh but what we chatted wasn't related to what i've wrote above leh...


i really need some sleep...


pamsong said...

Haha. Liar. You didn't sleep. =p

joshuaongys said...

thats because u're telling me an interesting story marh *wink wink*

l a b e l s


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