Thursday, May 15, 2008


Do you have the following?

a. An Entrecard Account
b. A Technoratti Account
c. A RSS Feed for your blog

If you have the 3 things above, then you're invited to join this very project started by PinayMommyOnline.

You are wondering, what is this all about?
This project is about :

1. To have a lot of technorati fans.
2. To have a high technorati authority.
3. To have a lot of RSS subscribers. (if we can't visit all blogs, we can always check what's new in just one click if you use a rss reader)
4. To have regular entrecarders to drop cards on your site.
5. To increase your site traffic.
6. To get your blog exposed to others (The stuffs you post needs attention!!).
and most importantly,
7. To have more friends in the blogosphere ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!

Its a very interesting project to me, to gain more friends in the blogosphere globally =)
After all, its free!!
So what are you waiting for???





Shiveeleaves said...

i think i must get myself a Entrecard account liao.

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

hi joshua =)

faved, subscribed and dropped my card today with Pexlinks =) see you around bro!!


joshuaongys said...

> Shiveeleaves : hahaha do it then, its quite interesting i would say, you'll go to many interesting blogs thru there!!

> Wendy Lopez-Redaon : alright!!

LiquidSilver said...

care to exchange links ??

l a b e l s


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