Sunday, May 04, 2008

review on Iron Man

Superheroes movie are really taking the world by storm these few years, even Spiderman the 3rd movie made a success in the industries showing still a big path for other superheroes to come in.

This May, we have Iron Man in our scenes, the richest superhero in Marvel history!

after watching the movie, i would say that this movie is a must for all Superhero fans out there!!

from the presentation of the Jericho Missile

till how he became Iron Man himself

as well as testing the suit himself

there's a fair amount of scenes with humour especially in the process of testing the suit himself, you'll know what i mean when you watch it.

being the richest Superhero(richer than Batman, Bruce Wayve from Wayne enterprise), Tony Stark of Stark Industries make a living through selling mass destruction weapons. He is a genius himself and can build an "item" of high technology in a cave with a bunch of junks. He have the cars and girls around him.

some stuffs that every guy would like to possess, MONEY, CARS, GIRLS...

Who wouldn't love him??

If you're reading this at the moment i post this up (Sunday afternoon) and you have nothing to do, go ask a few of your friends out to the nearest cinema and go watch Iron Man!!

my rating for this movie is 8/10.


Ah Shui said...

hahaha i see liao IRON MAN also
really as u say, is a must for all superheros fans... non-superheros fan also must see!!haha is a very very nice movie^^

joshuaongys said...

hahahahaha so far everybody is saying that this movie is NICE!! hehehe

FarA said...

honestly, i wasn't and am not a fan of marvel comics' superheroes. but since i got a free ticket, gave it a try la.
i know ironman is this robot-look-a-like-thingy which is red+yellow coloured. totally clueless hes the richest superhero like uve mentioned. haha. (ignorant me)
a certified superb movie by not-a-fan-of-superheroes-girl. definitely a must watch!

joshuaongys said...

> fara : this movie can be a good movie for non-superhero fan also de hehehe so don't worry hahaha and since u got a free ticket, no bad giving it a try =)

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