Friday, May 09, 2008

To Blogging and Beyond

Eversince my participation in the random bloggers movie meet + the evil plan of the so called "DGMB" Bloggers, i love blogging more than ever.

Seriously, blogging is not about earning money and gaining fame.

Ask me and i will tell you OF COURSE YES!!!
i love money and fame.

Recently, going to Press Screening/Media Events have become an advantages for Bloggers.

But the fact is, i started blogging since 2004 where there are not so many "advantages" for fellow bloggers. Then, through blogging, i got to know quite a number of people, and of course i love the fact that we can get to know more about each other through readings of the posts in blogs.

Meeting new friends(bloggers)

Meeting new people, making new friends, exchanging views on different topics, or just basic crapping was the reason i blog all these while.

Then, these recent DGMB bloggers were really amazing. They are such a joy to me and i can tell you such experience through blogging is the best!! Even if my bandwidth hit Band40(Nuffnang),

It will be NOTHING compared to meeting these bunch of "NO LIFE" peeps!!

*of course i would love to hit Band40 =)

The gmail-chats we had is like the price of petrol in our country. Keep increasing and increasing and, already surpassed 1000 and it is still increasing!!!

That alone is not enough!! We even open MSN chatroom in the middle of the night and chat as if there's no tomorrow.

Yatz and Nigel S'PAM'MING

Most of the time, our conversation are pretty crappy and involve S'PAM' here and there.
Sometimes, the conversation we share will be quite interesting.


Changing nickname to Pam Song and chatting among ourselves....

Randomly, we love playing disguise game and yes i know its lame, the total amount of all our ages exceed hundred but we still act like small kid.

ignore this, its an insider joke)


What i'm trying to say is all these moments, all the laughters, all the little thing thats in our blogging life somehow made us smile and thus made our day. Some of us have heavy workloads in office and whenever we login into gmail and read the chats, that somehow made us forget about all the work we have and we reply the chats and ignore the workload and didn't finish work and end up staying up till 6AM-ROARING/HUNTING at people + singing song wtf have a moment of relax and continue working.

I believe most of you DGMB peeps feel so that the outcome of this whole RANDOM MEETING is a positive one and we really enjoy being a part in this group of whackos bloggers.



I would like to take a chance to say a few words to My BELOVED friend, MISSPAMSONG who have been such A GOOD FRIEND to me recently.



Three things that last forever; Faith Hope and Love
But the greatest of them all is LOVE.




Marc said...

Wa so EMO ah. I am glad there is such a strong bonding between you guys. I hope to see more of this in Singapore Blogsphere.

Anyway Keep up the blogging spirit man, becuz u guys rock!

(Whose butt crack is that man?)


Michael Yip said...

The only thing that caught my attention is the bible verse: 1 Corinthians 13

Very nicely written. Everything else, I've no idea what you wrote :p

joshuatly said...

what is DGMB wo?
too bad... cannot understand much!
haha. but really hope to have a good connectionships with local bloggers!


p/s: seems that we have the same name wo... haha

joshuaongys said...

> marc : hahaha dun hv emo lar... lolx and yes hope that Spore have these as well!!

dat pic ar, i got it from lolx

> michael yip : that verse is really nice =) and well ahhaha mainly is about why do i blog and what is the outcome of it(my experience) =)

> joshuatly : DGMB(Definitely GANG maybe BANG) is something we "created" after going out for a random movie(definitely maybe) outing. Msian bloggers Rawks!! =)

hahaha yea and if you notice there're many many joshuas in Msian Blogosphere.. haha

KY said...

waaa look so fun!

JuLJuL said...

Haha. So cute one u all. Sounds so fun too. =D

joshuaongys said...

> KY : it was fun hahaha!!! =)

> juljul : we're cute?? hahahha u mean as in we're like kids?? hahaha childish aite.. =)

3POINT8 said...

eh, you all so, when is the gang coming over to sydney?

joshuaongys said...

3point8 : SYDNEY???!!! wah... lolx maybe you can see us soon... you faster go to your bed and hug your bolster and go to sydney lala land and you'll find us there =)

when you coming back to MSIA???!!

3POINT8 said... year during Chinese New Year kua. That is if everything goes well

joshuaongys said...

> 3point8 : owh so long more... den we shall see got any activities during cny bah haha

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