Monday, May 12, 2008

All Hail the Champions of England 07/08

I tell you all arh.. Yesterday.. i was hoping that Chelsea will win with 20-0 scoreline.... i was really disappointed with Chelsea. I thought that they can do it. Sigh. At least do what like Middlesbrough did ma, score 8 goals pass MANCHESTER CITY!!!!!

till last year. they have won 16 times!!

Muahahahahahah CHELSEA??? DREAM ON!!!!
Hail the Champions of
England for the 17th time!!

like every Manchester United fans, i was happy the result, Manchester United 2-0 Wigan!!! WooHooooo!!!

Sir Alex Ferguson is really the best manager ever!! Under his management, Manchester United managed to grab the EPL title for 10 times!! Thats really many times!!

The first goal was a penalty. Rooney manage to secure a chance for penalty and Ronaldo took it.

Being the top-scorer in both EPL and Champions League, he grab the chance and score... i was excited.. everyone was!

Being the most experienced player in the ManUtd squad, Ryan Giggs came in in the second half

Ryan Giggs didn't waste the chance he had, the goal he scored was rather funny. 3 person was runnning towards him when the ball was under his feet. The goalkeeper and 2 defender, and he secure the win with the goal.


Fans around the stadium were cheering where Manchester United players celebrate the goal from Giggs. It was at 80th Minute. Everyone knew that Manchester United won the EPL title. The score on another side, Chelsea and Bolton were tied on 1-1 with John Terry being sent out of the field to be treated.

Everyone went ecstatic when the referee blew the whistle indicating that the match have ended.

Ryan Giggs have already become a legend with 10 EPL championship title/ring including this time. He's a great player, a very good one i would say. We're all proud with him playing for Manchester United.

There were joy all over Manchester United.
How i wish i was there. =(

This is the man, the man who score the most goals in EPL this season, the man who played a very important role in the road to champions for ManUtd this season. Everyone remember the incident between him and Rooney in international stage where there are rumours saying that he was planning to leave ManUtd last year?? I'm glad that he didn't leave.

He's no other than our current Number 7

as for Chelsea, i really have nothing to say much, they are a good team. Despite the big goal difference, they still manage to keep up with ManUtd. Thats all i can say.

Too bad for them.

Well, there's always next season. =) HAHA
till then.......

Lets all toast and Hail to the Champions of England 07/08


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Aronil said...

Hahaha YEAHHH MAN!!! Giggs was brilliant!

§pinzer said...

i remember i was jumping up and down too, and better still, I was already preparing ":D" messages to all my chelsea fans as ryan scored wahahha!!

Simon Seow said...

Man U rocks.

joshuaongys said...

> aronil : giggs was really inspiring lar hahaha he's the man

> §pinzer : roflmao!! GOOD JOB hahahahha your fren who support chelsea must be thinking wat i wrote hahaha winning 20-0 lolx

> simon seow : yes they not only rocks they rulez!! haha

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