Monday, May 05, 2008

Being Number 1 in INNIT top 10

Being Number 1 in INNIT top 10??!!!

Some of you might be thinking so, yes i know that. Just that i was shocked that the specific post will go up till THAT high.... i was just aiming to go into Top10...

i knew some bloggers such as ShaolinTiger, KY and etc have been to Num1 spot in INNIT.

So, there's no need to make so much noise about it...

printscreen on 30th April 2008

Well, I'm not boasting about it here, i'm just sharing about it with you guys.... Thank you for supporting me on that specific post. I made that post to let people know about this guy/lecturer in TARC and how he is doing his job but i didn't expect that much amount of response.

yes this screenshot was taken on the day itself 30 April 2008

Even Josh Lim himself, Founder of came in!!
(I guess my title attracted him- Intern INTO "NuffNang")

No i'm not scared that HE will come in and read about this, ITS EVEN BETTER IF HE READ THIS!!!! I even asked one of my friend who is under his supervision for his Final Year Project to take a photo of him so i can post it up here in my blog, i added that he can go on and tell his FYP supervisor(that guy) that i made a blog post about HIM.

Thanks to the NANGS made, more people know about this guy in TARC.

However, I'm pretty sure many of you peeps didn't really go through the whole post as there were still some people congratulating me for getting into NUFFNANG O.O

so, let me make it clear again....


thats because College rejected my Appeal and the main reason is because of the industrial training supervisor - _ E _ _ _ + L _ _ + _ O _ + _ H_ _ that is in charge of my industrial training. Read the whole incident again here.

and again, i would like to clarify about it, I'm fine with the outcome and THANKS to Boss Tim/Boss Stewie/Timothy Tiah again for giving me a chance on the matter.

to end this post, i hope that more new faces/bloggers can get into Number 1 spot in INNIT, not the regular ones please. They always get to Number1 but on the other hand have their own fan base with a fair amount of readers, so they don't quite need the publicity already. i want to see new faces conquering that spot in a specific 24 hours.



Simon Seow said...

I spotted another top 10 material here.

joshuaongys said...

lolz thank you simon hahahaha

Marc said...

There will always be better opportunities in future . . .

Marc said...

There will always be better opportunities in future . . .

decypher said...

Dude, why is it that your screenshots have mouse cursors on them? I tried to take some, but the mouse cursors are always invisible. How did u do that?

joshuaongys said...

> marc : yeaps

> decypher : hmmm i have no idea erm... sorry..

vickie said...

joshua, you have a good post what. this is your own blog you can criticize/ praise someone in your blog lol. Anyway what a waste that didn't work for NuffNang as internship. probably next time after you graduate, you can apply again oh

joshuaongys said...

> vickie : haha thanks!!! well u guys... dun say it again already lolx... i've over it liao hahahaha the more u guys say about that den it'll come back to me making me down haha ><

KY said...

oOooO congrats!!!

joshuaongys said...

> ky : hey there... THANKS man.. =)

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