Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I am in the BEST Industrial Training Company!!

i'm sorry if any part of this post make u bored =)


this is how i get to my Industrial Training company everyday morning(before this i'll take a bus to Titiwangsa station and take StarLRT train to Chan Sow Lin station)

my company is in this specific block of building and as you can see there're many advertisement posters/papers etc around. There're many empty office place for rent here(there're more blocks of building in this area) and my company is among the few companies operating in this area(they just shifted from WangsaMaju..........).

Our working time is 9am-6pm.

We(Me and a few course-mates that is going to this company) arrived early in the morning to our company and found out something very interesting.


yes, you read it... no water to wash hands, wash face, go toilet etc and there's no Cafe/Restaurant or anyplace with a toilet nearby as the business area only have a handful of operating businesses running.

*luckily we have water on the 2nd Day, if not i have no idea on how to survive..

there were another bunch of interns using the computers outside and nobody tell us to bring our own laptops so we ended up reading books on Programming in the meeting room(since the other interns occupied the place outside). 8 whole hours reading books. I eventually snoozed off.. ZZZzzz

hold on..... there's another interesting part here..

#2. We have a Boss with 2 permanent workers and 20+ Interns including interns from my batch
(10+ interns were from a previous batch and 10+ interns were in as the same batch as me)

Soon, its 12pm and we would have our first lunch as Interns in this company, we were somehow excited and asked around of places to eat. What we found out was the nice place to eat is not in walking distance(have to drive or take train - we don't have enough cars among us, taking the train meaning we will waste more money and time).

So, the only place to eat within walking distance is....


a place directly across our company, Under a FLYOVER!!!



ITS SO LAME I TELL YOU!! There're like 20++ (i think) stalls and they all serve HALAL foods!!! YES ALL THE STALLS ARE MALAY STALLS!!!


you can imagine how we looked like knowing about that FACT that we're going to live with for

one by one TULAN face...

i tell you,

the food there SUCKS big time + the drain there is like full of brownish "liquid" which allows mosquito to lurk there + we're under a flyover so there're cars on top of us meaning that the air around will be dusty/dirty all the time + we can smell some weird smell from time to time.


#3. The only place to eat within walking distance is UNDER A FLYOVER with 20++ MALAY STALLS and the environment is really...... i'm speechless....

One of my coursemate, Chris cant eat on and left his food just like that...

This is the only edible thing food for me

No i'm not being choosy/picky, I've been to National Service and i'm in the 1st Batch and i'm sure many of you heard about how sucky the food was in NS, those food in NS, i can still accept it,

but THIS,

this is really too much....


#4. DID i mention that my boss said that we have to work on every 2nd and 4th Saturdays in every month??
(he said that its half day on Saturdays and we found out that the half day he meant was 9am-5pm)


that was quite a week for us...


last Monday i posted this post saying that i was at home while interns are in their respectives companies, read on to find out why...

We went "yamcha" that morning...

We started our 2nd week reaching our company only to found out that our office got broke in(kena masuk pencuri/thief) over the weekend, that's why i mentioned in my previous post that things around is getting more and more interesting.

We only get to go home after the Police came over to investigate about the case, that was why i can reached home around noon time on that day.

#5. My office got broke in(kena masuk pencuri/thief) just in my 2nd week of Industrial Training.

It appears that those people got away with the computers in our office only, other than that, other stuffs are still in good condition.

However, we still have to helped out and clean the place. Till now we still don't have new computers so the other batch of interns don't need to come to office and they were asked to do their work at home. O.O

Not my batch, most interns in my batch have laptops so we still go to work everyday.

This picture above was taken in KimGary (Jusco Taman Maluri). That day some of us are sitting for exams in TARC so the 7 of us who went to work squeezed in a car(if more than 7 person then we cant go already as we have one car only) and had a "slightly better" meal that day.
*thanks to Nigel who took this picture, yes he joined me for lunch and his company is quite near to mine (within driving distance)
Well, we do have a good boss i would say, comparing mine and my friend's boss in other companies and i would also say that the working environment in my company is quite good as well. Just that the things around us really made me speechless. Really speechless...

Thats all for now, will share more about my industrial training if there're more "interesting stuffs"

For your info :
- i went in the company as a Programmer intern
- so far we(my batch of interns) have not being assign to any project/work yet, we were just given some exercise MAINLY on Php and MySQL.
- This week (starting 05May2008) is just my 3rd week of Industrial Training.


Yatz said...

tsk tsk tsk..u all very cha la..walking distance not under the flyover only..

the otherside of the highway is a school right? 1 is Primary 1 is Secondary..there's a road to go to the school 1..

just walk towards the school and go further a bit..there are few chinese kopi cha pou there..apa la u all..

joshuaongys said...

well, these few days weather is like SOOO hot la bro... in office so cold den come out have lunch sudd under hot sun... lolx.. btw the further a bit is how far from the flyover?? naer the factory area??

Choo Hwei Ming said...

wah.. i know that place!! wahahhaa... i didnt know they got anything going on.. what do you actually do la?

sujiiee said...

hi joshuaa!! thankx for the comment! wow...your industrial training sounds interesting ! lOL! you can do it!

Shiveeleaves said...

waalaooooooooooo eh.
such a coincident,u my senior!
there was a guy name bobo in your picture,AIA student.
anyway,sooner u guys will know where to go makan once u get masak with the place

joshuaongys said...

> hwei ming : hahaha as programmer lolx

>sujiiee : THANK YOU!! I CAN DO IT!! 2 weeks down 22 more to go.... =(

joshuaongys said...

> Shiveeleaves : i'm in AIA lor hahahahahaha we're doing our internships now haha

- c H i E n - said...

Good luck! I am sure you will be able to survive since you have gone through NS too!

Anyway, bring ur own food to company lo..Can save money too!

joshuaongys said...

> - c h i e n - : seriously i asked my friends want to buy a whole box of maggi mee anot and put in office lolx

Simon Seow said...

Hey, I passed by the flyover when me and my colleague went for supper in Jalan Imbi. I saw a man singing Karaoke on the stage wtf.

shit, such a dodgy company you are doing internship in.

joshuaongys said...

hahahaha dats what i've figure out also.. in the day the stage is dead hahaha its only active in the night haha

well wat to do.. my stupid college don't approve my appeal..

Johnny Ong said...

the restaurant below the bridge is on the left hand side of the f&n area. there are food stalls somewhere right in front of the f&n area, just need to cross the dangerous road (roundabout) right in front.

by reading yr blog posting on this internship, u were not speechless, lots of things to say abt it .... hahaha

joshuaongys said...

> johnny ong : lolz i think i know where u and yatz mean... but its still far.. yes la within walking distance but going there and back will take most time in my 1 hour break so...well...

Shiveeleaves said...

yeah,i this year only wanna enter advance diploma.
good luck on your intern

Angie said...

Seems like my Industrial training company is much better :P

joshuaongys said...

> Shiveeleaves : oh hehehe i see... all the best in your studies than!!!

> angie : lolz well i believe there are some worst than mine =)

Nigelais said...

Josh..its Jusco Taman Maluri...not Taman Melati..hehe..

lunch again? you decide! i come...=)

JuLJuL said...

Haha. Good luck ya~ =D

joshuaongys said...

> nigelais : argh... lolx edited already haha hmmm lunch ar... are you interested in trying the food under the flyover?? *wink wink* lolx

> jul jul : THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! i do need all the luck i can get hehe

maro^gal said...

ur internship training looks so interesting and swt =.='' also...

good luck for your further studies...

joshuaongys said...

> maro^gal : yes it is interesting indeed!! heheh and THANK YOU!!

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