Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Wiki Blog Directory

Previously, some bloggers posted about the MillionBlogList. The experiment was quite happening. At the time i'm typing this post now, the list have surpassed 1400 and still increasing.

I believe some of you bloggers in Malaysia/Singapore have added your blogs to the list as i've seen some familiar blog links in the list. I am at number 395 myself.

Anyway this post is not about MillionBlogList.

It is about The Wiki Blog Directory. This site was created by the same group of people that created the MillionBlogList.

In the MillionBlogList, there're all kinds of blogs in the whole list where else that in the WikiBlogDirectory, blogs can be added into different Categories, Countries and Languages.

I thought that its quite interesting knowing that which blogger is from which particular country.

To make it more specific, you are able to know that which blogger are from which state in Malaysia. Through that you can meet and get to know more bloggers from the state/place that you're in.

I'm only the 3rd Blogger to add my blog link to the list of Kuala Lumpur blogs. =(

I thought that it is interesting but at the end of the day its up to you bloggers whether or not to add yourself to the list.


pamsong said...

Very messed up lah their page.

Marc said...

I have added mine!

Simon Seow said...

wah, again. lazy la.

joshuaongys said...

> pamsong : hahaha its like wikipedia la u can edit the whole thing urself haha

> marc : hehehe Good!! pass the msg to ur frens!!

> simon seow : hahahaha wan me add for u anot??

BEAN said...

I'd created an account.
and what to do eh?
So confusing.

joshuaongys said...

> bean : i'll message you on msn =)

3POINT8 said...

I'm no.444 in millionbloglist!
Still waiting for no.4444 to open up.

lingghezhi said...


zhengdhong said...

im #1551. ngam ngam missed the 1550th spot. haha!

joshuaongys said...

> 3point8 : hahahaha keep it up lolx

> lingghezhi : Yeaps its Cool!!

>zhengdhong : hahahahaha its ok la haha

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