Sunday, May 11, 2008

A dedication post to My Mom on Mother's Day

2008 Mother's Day falls on a Sunday. In church, we celebrated Parents Day, we kind of combine both Father and Mother's day together.

I didn't celebrate Mother's Day with my mom. She was busy. She's always busy.

Anyhow i wrote this post for her as i know that she will read my blog from time to time. =)

My mom, hmmm

my mom is a wonderful Mom!! hahahaha

She's the woman who gave birth to me 22 years ago. A 9 months period before i came into this world was quite some experience for her as i'm the first child in the family. I thanked her for that.

All these while, i have been naughty like most of the kids out there being playful, disobedient and etc.

However, she'll teach and guide me patiently as well as taking good care of me. Making sure that i'll have a good night sleep everyday. Of course, there are times she'll cane me and scold me when i'm still at a very young age, all for my own good.

My mom is really some person in my life. One of the person that i look up too.

She is always busy meeting people from EVERYWHERE. And i mean it when i say EVERYWHERE!! She travels around the world to attend functions, events, meetings, conference and etc.

She even went to one of the places i want to go in the future, Manchester.

Because of what she is doing, the job she is having now, she have the opportunity to go to places around. What she's doing actually?? I can only say that its related to Christianity + Dance. =)

Some of the events, she'll bring me along to help out. So i'll be there to see how she do her job, how she work, what is she really doing.

Seriously, i'm proud of her doing her job. I do not go around everywhere telling everybody who's my mom of course, but when people ask me who's my mom, then i'll start to spill everything out, mostly about her job and what she does.

Because of her, i've been to quite a number of events. The 6th ICDF Conference in 2006 was one of it.

There was this HipHop workshop in Kota Kinabalu back last year.

G4G Hip Hop Dance Conference was one of it as well.

There're other events i've attended with my mom. Without her, there won't be such events held and i won't be able to have exposure to such events as well.

Really, there're too many stuffs to talk about my Mom. There are the good memories as well as the bad memories.

I really thank my mom for bringing me up to who i am today.

Of course, all these while, we'll have arguments from time to time and end up not talking to each other for a short period. I guess its a norm between family members, you cant go WELL with each other ALL THE TIME. Be it my fault or her fault.......

i still appreciate her and love her.



Nigelais said...

Nice one! =)

pamsong said...

Hey, your mom's a part of CDF ah? Haha. Did she come up with Praise Hands (or something liddat)?

joshuaongys said...

> nigelais : thank you =)

> pamsong : erm yes hahahaha and i have no idea wts praise hand haha

Anonymous said...

your mom damn pretty leh!! happening some more hurhurhur :D

joshuaongys said...

> michelle : tenkiu!!! hahahahhaa and yes she is happening!!

stephanie kok said...

Wow! Blessed family. :)

Yatz said...

fwah..ur mom so 'in' one ah..

joshuaongys said...

> stephanie kok : thanks =)

> yatz : hahaha indeed!! she's quite "IN"

JuLJuL said...

So sweet lah. =)

jeremy said...

it's great that brothers and sisters can celebrate parents day at church....
your post makes me miss my parents and my church back at sibu.

joshuaongys said...

> juljul : hehehhe =)

> jeremy : yea, go give them a call then!!

Johnny Ong said...

my church will organise a family day instead in june

joshuaongys said...

> johnny ong : thats the cool thing about going to church yea!! we get to celebrate such events hahaha

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