Wednesday, May 07, 2008

MDG - Cindy Tey NOT Cindy Teh

Have you watch Episode 18 of MDG S1??

i just watched it and the girls were sharing about their opinions, thoughts and etc in it.

Obviously, the girls don't really like Cindy, we all know it since the "drama" happen in the house.

and true enough, Cindy really owe us bloggers an "appreciation" for making her FAMOUS, In Episode 18 of MDG S1, she thanked those people/bloggers who commented on her whether it was a bad or a good comment.

I was one of the blogger that made her FAMOUS in the process.

When there's just a few episodes, i was finding blogs of the finalists as i thought that people would want to go to their blogs and read about them. Other than Ringo that was already a popular blogger that time, i found Cindy's blog through some links here and there.(somehow i cant find blogs belonging to other finalists-maybe i'm not good at it)

I did not really critic about her and i did not call her a bitch either. But doing this alone is more than enough to drive traffic to her blog hence making her more FAMOUS especially when the whole world is criticizing her after watching the episodes.

What i did?? I just placed her blog link on my blog thats all!!! I didn't quite see HER ROAD TO CHAMPION that time you know. Surprisingly, the only blog i found that belongs to one of the MDG finalist(other than Ringo) was Cindy's blog.


till people kept finding more about her through the internet....

here you'll see keywords into my blog - you see Cindy here Cindy there... O.O

Obviously, by "promoting" her blog, i get the traffics as well, thanks to CINDY!
even up till today, i still have people coming in with her name as keyword. hahaha

This is something TOTALLY Unexpectedly for me, but i'm glad with it. Which Blogger DON'T LIKE traffic?? lolx

and yeah, actually ITS CINDY TEY not CINDY TEH!!

she came in and corrected me(link)

Cindy's Blog


3POINT8 said...

When I started to treat blogging seriously, Cindy's blog is one the few that I always visit. I guess I can say her blog is the 1st few that I was exposed to...

Yatz said...

wah this fella so high traffic 1 ah..look at the number..

joshuaongys said...

> 3point8 : then i suppose you know her quite well huh?? ><

> yatz : ermmmmmmmmm haha u know why lar haha

Simon Seow said...

Hail the Innit King.

synical said...

Heh. She should thank you, in more ways than one ;)

Ya, I also saw Ep 18 last week - more of a post-mortem type episode, telling us more stuff that we don't already know.

I don't think I've ever directly post a link to her blog on mine; if anyone wants, they could ask or Google. I'm not about to add to her notoriety when I can barely stand her myself.

joshuaongys said...

> simon seow : har.... who???

> synical : hahaha but i was expecting more insider stuffs, i guess we could only get those from othr sources.. nyway i link before the drama started so it was a surprise for me ha...

zhengdhong said...

heyz, yeala..its true whut u said...cindy does bring traffic to anyones blog. haha! may it be a boring post or not. as long as cindy is there then, readers will be there. then got traffic jam. haha!!

neways, thx for commenting on my posts too kay. happy blogging!

joshuaongys said...

> zhengdhong : hahaha lets see in the future will "cindy" bring traffic to blogs anot =)

and you're welcome, yeaps happy blogging!

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