Saturday, May 24, 2008

review on Speed Racer

This movie is base on an English adaptation of a Japanese Manga series created more than 5 decades ago.

Its all about cars.

Futuristic cars where they have insane races. Races that include car with missiles, car that can jump, cars with guns and etc

I was actually looking forward to this specific movie when i first saw the trailer for the movie in the cinemas.

However, i find not AS interesting AS i thought....

Basicly, it is a movie for those who have watched the cartoon long long time ago.

For those SPEED RACER fans...

Speed and Trixie

Of course, there's this small romance/love part in the movie.

I wouldn't say this movie is AWESOME as i'm not a big fan of this cartoon/anime.
I thought that the races was quite interesting =)
Other than the races with the cars shooting and knocking each other, the other scenes of the movie bored me out.

Thats it.

my rating for this movie is 6.5/10

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