Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Prom Night Movie Premiere @ Cineleisure

I just came back from the Prom Night Movie premiere @ Cineleisure.

Was chatting with Shaz yesterday in the afternoon and out of the blue he asked me whether am i free in the night for a movie. I said YES immediately as i love going to the cinemas.

That was how i got to this Movie Premiere.

Thanks to Shaz. =)

The Pass to Prom Night Movie Premiere

Part of us before the movie

After the movie.
*alright i shall not put any names here for now as i forgot some of their names.. Darn..

eventually, everyone left after the movie and there's only 3 of us left- Shaz, Wai Seng and me. So we headed to a mamak in TTDI and had some "arguments" on a specific item hahaha as well as discussing some interesting stuffs. The YamCha session was great but then again, i have to work tomorrow later.


ANYWAY, THANKS TO SHAZ AGAIN for the invitation
THANKS to Xfresh as well!!


Simon Seow said...

You do have a lot of activities.

joshuaongys said...

> simon seow : yea i do so because i think i cant be able to do so in the future when i really have a permanent job.. so for now i'll keep myself as busy as i can ><

l a b e l s


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