Sunday, May 04, 2008

ManUtd 4-1 West Ham

This is exactly what champions does, they score!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

the 2 Goals from Ronaldo was really quite amusing i would say, first he smash into the penalty box and swiftly send the ball pass the goalkeeper and score. Secondly, he use his little brother to "head" the ball in from a cross. Nuff said.

If i'm Green, i would bang my head on the wall, but well, Ronaldo is the Golden Boots for this season in EPL, what can Green do...

On the other hand, although i dislike Tevez, i would say that his goal tonight was superb... Scholes's goal against Barcelona was stunning and i guess Tevez wanted to do something similiar hahaha

Carrick joined in the scoring names of the match later on in the 2nd half and well WestHam sure had quite a heck of a welcoming "party" for the 2 ex-Hammers - Tevez and Carrick

i can already see ManUtd hugging the champions trophy already lolx



Don't mess with Manchester United's player, know why? see the picture below...

Nani was sent off in the game hahaha... want to know why?? go find out yourself... lolx anyhow, i find the incident quite hillarious haha


acura said...

What Nani did was really unnecessary. Haiz... But other than that a simple game for United.

I think u will like Tevez sooner or later. That guy is already the crowd favourite. He made the English fans chant 'Ar-gen-ti-na' even though England-Argentina are bitter rivals lolx

joshuaongys said...

hahahaha maybe what you say will come true.. that i will like tevez soon hahahaha after all he's part of ManUtd and i love ManUtd haha

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