Friday, May 09, 2008

Waroeng Penyet @ The Curve

On labour day itself i went to the Curve with my friends wanting to watch Iron Man. Upon reaching, we were hungry and we headed to this Indonesian Food Outlet - Waroeng Penyet. My friend kept telling us to go to this place as he read about it on KYspeaks.

the food pictures looks good enough for us and they have quite some choice for us to choose from

the drinks menu

We didn't order as much as KY.... we only had these....

Ayam Penyet

Bakso Penyet

Ayam Panggang

As good as it was promoted by various sources(blogs/media), we find the food quite delicious!!

and i didn't know that there are 3 types of sambal for us to choose from. O.O

Shall try it the next time i go. hehehehehhe


this is something special, i purposely took a close shot on this specific food they have in most dishes. Its call Tempe, and as you can see they used soybean to to cook this Tempe. I won't say that its nice as i'm new to this food haha but i'll definitely try it again the next time i go there.

If you ever go there, i would say go for the food, the drinks?? JUST ORDER SOFT DRINKS as you can refill it. Some other drinks sucks i would say lolx.

Address:First Floor, Lot 1.32
The CurveMutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 017-200 3988

I will definitely go there again sometime soon =)


angela said...

hi! your pictures look pretty good. also wanted to say - tempe is fermented soybean la :)

Shiveeleaves said...

hmmm,looks delicious wei.
next time will go try,everytime go toilet,also will pass back the shop 1 :P

joshuaongys said...

> angela : is it?? thanks.. the pictures were taken using my Nokia N73 >< Oh fermented soybean... thanks for the info =)

> Shiveeleaves : hahaha yea its beside the toilet which is near to kimgary haha =) go try go try!!

sheryl0202 said...

Hey: I didn't like this nothing much for me. I wrote a post about it too.

joshuaongys said...

> sheryl0202 : yea read that post before haha thats why people say different individual have different opinions/taste hahahaha

ai wei said...

they look quite delicious. but are they really that good?!

joshuaongys said...

> ai wei : for those sambal lovers and a fan of these kinda food, it will be damn good for them la.. haha... for me i haven try the other 2 types of sambal + i didn't try other food like ikan bakar and etc hehe but its good for me la =)

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