Monday, May 19, 2008

Pantai Seafood Restaurant

I just came back from dinner @ Pantai Seafood Restaurant in Kg Sg Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya.

Alright this is just a simple review from me. So don't expect much elaboration from me. Just Pictures and ratings. =)

Salted Egg Crab
Rating 6.5/10

"Fan Shu Yip" Vegetable(sorry la, don't know the english name..)
Rating 5/10

Steam Grouper Fish
Rating 8/10

Sweet and Sour Pork
Rating 7/10

Butter Prawn
Rating 8.5/10

Deep Fried Pork Knuckle
Rating 8/10

Overall Rating : 7/10

Erm, i have no idea how much is the price as i'm not the one paying lolx. Thanks to Mr Tan!!

I was very full after the whole meal. and i mean REAL FULL!!! Its worth a try if you haven go there before =)

You can find more reviews through Google.

Pantai Seafood Restaurant
Lot 13575, Jalan Cempaka PJU 6A
Kg Sg Kayu Ara
Petaling Jaya
Contact: +603 7725 5099/1099


SilverIsle said...

OMG. Butter prawn. *drools* How long has it been since I last ate authentic seafood. Gosh.

joshuaongys said...

> silverisle : hahahaha i always like that "kind" of dishes.. be it butter prawn/crab.. i love them!!

fie the elf said...

awww all the food looks yummy. i miss malaysian food =(

mckhoii said...

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Simon Seow said...

Wah, i want the pork knuckle. So nice got ppl belanja.

joshuaongys said...

> fie the elf : yes its YUMMY =) COME BACK TO MSIA!!

> mckhoii : aite!!

> simon seow : hahahhahahaha the deep fried pork knuckle was NICE!! hehehe

narymama said...

joshua you are the first blogger who has managed to actually make me hungry and really want to get out of my house now and eat salty egg crab.
*hands over the medal
lol. was the salty egg crab good? i only like one. but its in kuala selangor. :( so if i want to eat have to drive for about an hour or more to reach there. and its always full of people

joshuaongys said...

> narymama : LOLX you owe me the MEDAL nadia!! the salty egg crab was good enuf for me bah, but i still prefer butter crab hehehe

hyperX said...

Oh my god! My relatives went this restaurant before. High ranking restaurant makes me wanted to go too... Thank for the info ya!

joshuaongys said...

> hyperx : go then!! buthen go in a big group of people to test more food with a lower price =)

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