Sunday, May 04, 2008

Travel From KLIA to Singapore from ONLY RM8!!!

If you notice, i have an ad from Nuffnang this week just below my header picture, its kind of a promotion, low price air fare from Malaysia to Singapore.

from as low as RM8!!

RM8 is really really cheap i would say, the total amount i travel back and forth my company per day reached up to RM7 per day.

So, if you're a regular travel person/businessman that travels between Malaysia and Singapore very often then try giving this service by Jetstar a shot!!!

For more information you can just click on my Advertisement above by Nuffnang!!

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izzat said...

do you always write about advertiser that advertised on your blog? hehe.. *i want to write it too lor..haha

joshuaongys said...

hahaha no lar... don't really write about advertisement.. just that i find this promotion really nice.. RM8 wor... lolx so ma promote about it lor.. hehe

SJ said...

I ask my sister about it. She said that RM8 just the flight price, haven't plus the tax. So, add up all you have to pay RM100+... Don't believe that such good thing in this world.

pamsong said...

You'll need to pay for surcharges and taxes though. It'd probably come up to about RM50.

They damn smart wan.

joshuaongys said...

>sJ and PamSong : yea now i know hahahahaha

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