Friday, February 29, 2008

The Return of Knight Rider - THE TALKING CAR!!

i was so excited when i heard the news of this specific show knight rider coming back months ago

knight rider was classic.. some say its an urban legend..

Knight Rider by David Hasselhoff

it was a series that aged more than my age.. lolz.. it was an American series that ran from the year 1982 till 1986

well, in Malaysia we get to watch shows much later than other countries.. especially series, at that time, Astro haven came into the market yet... so.....

anyways, local television stations bought the series and showed it in Malaysia during the period when i was in my primary school life... somewhere in 1994-1998

The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am as KITT

it was a series about Michael Knight and a car with the name KITT.. A "crimefighter plus high-tech vehicle" series

its not an ordinary car, it was a car with Artificial Intelligence... and the combination went on fighting crimes throughout the few seasons of Knight Rider...

that was back then..

and now we have this!!

Knight Rider - An Icon Reborn!!

i have no idea how many of you out there watch the old Knight Rider before haha...

the storyline of this new show is a continuation from the previous knight rider series.. the stories continues after 25 years , with a second AI car!!

this time the "talking car" is a Shelby GT500KR Mustang

Justin Bruening as Mike Traceur, the new KITT driver

the main character of this series happens to be the son of the main character, Michael Knight in the old series lolx..

KITT from front

KITT from back

i've watched the television movie and i thought that it was cool and i love it lolz..

well i heard that there will be an official movie up in cinemas this year..
the car will be a Koenig Ccx

interesting!!! =)

oh yea, below is the torrent for the television movie - Knight Rider

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see how my dog greet me

last week

one of the days...

it was late at night and i just reach home..

i approach the gate and i saw my dog lying down like this... o.O

lolz.. i quickly snap a few pictures with my handphone...

then my dog stretch "himself" sideways...


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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tarc College where most courses haven start

nothing much to update lately.. really... not much interesting stuffs lately to update to my blog here..
interesting stuffs.. err.. other than meeting up with her and going out together quite frequent..


well i'm not Edison Chen so i guess nobody really care about me posting stuffs of me and her going out... lolz

anyways.... Now

i'm in my 2nd week of Sem3 now....

YES college have started for me already since last week...

only a few courses started early for this semester... Diploma courses will only start next week... so basicly i wont be seeing any people around in college these few days...

what i mean is like that!! at 1pm++ the car park is empty.... get what i mean?? i dont know any of you Tarcians have try that before or not.. but for me.. NO.. lolz..

its just weird!!

even the other side of the car park is empty!!! o.O just a few cars nia...

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

ManUtd 5-1 NewcastleUtd

just came back from watching the match just now!!

lolz... goal spree from ManUtd players!!

the goals are sweet =)

BEWARE ARSENAL!! 3 points in difference only!! Muahahahahahaha

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Malaysia rated 124 out of 169 on its worldwide press freedom index

i came across this news here

Malaysia have created some interesting(and i think is funny) news, from the arresting of blogger to how the police meng-watercanon-kan those people in the "special event" with many interesting reason to the seizing of BIBLES happening in our very own WORLD CLASS AIRPORT KLIA with "valid" reasons as well and now this..... lolx

our country is really really funny...

i kept smiling as i was reading the news..

"Major newspapers and television stations -- many partly owned by parties in the ruling coalition -- have given blanket coverage to the government and its achievements since the election was called."
The government has previously threatened that bloggers could be punished under draconian internal security laws which provide for detention without trial.

so if you ask me what do i think about the whole thing??

of course i have many things going through in my mind.. but how?? BLOGGERS are being MONITERED wor!! and somemore we could be punished under internal security laws wor... cannot simply say things wan..

i so the very sangat banyak scare/takut/haipa/keng >< cannot cannot, cannot write anything about the election or even anything RELATED to it =) *oh ya, I'm already 22 this year.. lolz..

interested on this topic??
want to know more about it??
"UMNO slammed bloggers as cowards by Datuk Seri Azalina Othman"
go here to read from one of the famous blogger in Malaysia, 5xmom o.O


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Thursday, February 21, 2008



IM SO BORED!!!!!!!!

i'm in college CIT now... i was shifting from computer to computer every 5 minutes.. the connection speed here is slower than tortoise.. darn.. there're like appox. 150 computers here and only 30 active student/user.. AND THE SPEED IS SO SLOW SUMORE!!!

feel so sorry for TARC...

i don't really come to the computer centre in tarc.. now that im in the place.. and there are sooooooo few students using the computers... the speed is still...


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BAB1 - nice number plate?

i was blog-hopping and suddenly i saw this..

nice car, nice number plate.. lolx

no offence =)

i wonder who owns the car.. ><

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

review on Jumper

went to watch this movie Jumper on Sunday night with my college-mates, yes lately, i've been watching movies quite frequently.

before this i've post about this movie in a previous post before..

the only thing i know about this movie is, the main character, David can teleport to any part of the world and thats it..

in the 1st 10 minutes, the movie show that how David use his "power" to go around the world and even rob banks to get money... and i went : "wow, that was cool"

i love the part where Griffin drive the benz and use his power at the same time.. NICE!!

don't understand what i was saying?? go watch the movie!!

my rating 8/10

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

all these while i don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, long story... don't ask why..

anyway this year, i have the chance to bring her out

of course, i was more than happy.. this is because in the past, we don't have the chance to go out on Valentine's Day... another long story to that as well..

those who know why will just smile, those who don't know why, don't have ask why.. skip that =)

thanks to Zoe who accompany me to get the stuffs i want.. lolz

our date was quite late as she have classes till evening, we went to the Gardens which is located beside Mid Valley. We proceed to Crystal Jade Restaurant to take our "Dinner"

The food we ordered were all very nice =)

highly rated by me

the service was good as well

i forgot what's the name of the food haha..

we left the restaurant feeling full and satisfy lolz..

the date was simple and nice.. and i loved it.. hope she feels the same as well ><

so what did you did on that day?

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

review on Kung Fu Dunk 功夫灌篮/大灌篮

went to watch Kung Fu Dunk on Monday night

the main character acted by Jay Chou in this film is Fong Sai Kit 方世杰

the name somehow reminds me of
方世玉 Fong Sai Yuk (a martial arts expert in China Centuries ago)
& 宋世杰 Song Sai Kit (a well known "lawyer" in China Centuries ago)


anyway, like Kung Fu Soccer 功夫足球 by Stephen Chou

there are many basketball/KungFu stunts created using computer graphics and cost quite a number of millions in HongKong curency

the few "laughing point" in the movie didn't fail to make the crowd laugh, i was laughing as well

the basketball actions is exaggerated, but i still can accept it.. well after all, those stuffs will not be able to achieve in real life...

i have only one problem with the movie.. the storyline... its not well constructed

anyway, overall, i do think it is in a good movie category.. at least for me

so, to those who have not watch the movie, its not a waste spending RM10 for the movie.. go watch it!! =)

my rating for the movie 8/10

*oh yea, i don't get the theme song of the movie.. 周大侠
wth "tofu" is related with the movie.. i see no connection, can anybody tell me??

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CNY08 - A Day Trip to Ipoh

last Sunday, i went down to Ipoh to visit my Mom's family =)

headed to SimpangPulai in Ipoh after church service, everything went well except for one thing

the freaking hot weather... lolz

took a group picture in the house

later on in the evening they brought us to this restoran "Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau"

see, the most famous in town, specialised in chicken beans sprout & kuetiau... dun play play..

the workers there was working non-stop

where many people are either eating

or waiting people to eat finish... really many people over there...

we got our place quite fast and most of us ordered "hor fun"(KueTiau noodle) rather than rice

the food was nice =)

we headed back KL at about 8pm++ and reached home around 12.30am++

very jam... hahaha

thats all for now

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Monday, February 11, 2008

CNY 08 Gathering with Secondary Friends

Last Saturday i met up with some of my secondary class mates, we went to 5 houses in total... of course, just like previous years ; there will be some people missing.... really very disappointing thinking about it that these kind of gathering only happens once a year and yet these people can have this "tidak apa" kind of character and reject you straight away having their own "reasons" and left me speechless just like that....

HEY, we people treat you as close friends only ask you out wan leh!! EVEN IF YOU CANT MAKE IT ON THAT DATE YOU CAN REQUEST FOR A CHANGE FOR ANOTHER DATE, WE'LL TRY OUR BEST TO HAVE A DATE WHERE MOST PEOPLE CAN MAKE IT DE... NO!! not even a request, just a simple reply "cant make it" with a VERY NOT SINCERE "sorry"..


*i didn't state who is the "you" here, it applies to those people who always go missing when there are these kinda gathering.. a BIG ZZZZZZ to you!

Okays enough of my complaints..

let me continue with my story

we gathered in Yuet Mun's house.. all of us were late.. sorry la Mun.. lolz

then we proceed to Chin Kent's house after "cheating" AngPow in Yuet Mun's house... muahahhaha

and here let me introduce this very extremely cute doggie here.. just less cuter than 7 zai in CJ7

this poodle belongs to Chin Kent

the girls love it.. and Chin Kent kept showing us what the poodle can do... lolz..

Yuet Mun holding a small piece of dog food attracting the dog really can do many things and made us all smiling non-stop =)

tired after "performing" many things for us

we played cards in Kent's house

we took photos as well..... ha

Melissa and me

Yuet Mun and me

Yoke May and me

Yuet Mun was not here... she was holding the camera.. haha and yea.. the gays are Chee Hwa and Chin Kent o.O

our next stop was at Chee Hwa house.. we stayed there for a while only and managed to "cheat" another AngPow.. lolz and we went to Melissa's house

the first time of me going to her house since her house was renovated last year.. and we took MORE photos!!

the guys - Chin Kent, Chee Hwa and me

the girls - Yoke May, Chin Kent's gf Cassven, Yuet Mun, Melissa

group picture

later on, we went to the last house which is Yoke May's house where they gamble there...

i very good boy, didn't gamble in YokeMay's house =)
hahaha actually not enough space for me to play.. only for 4 person.. so... haha

ChinKent left with his Gf to a family diner and the rest of us headed to Restaurant MGF in Manjalara to take our dinner

still, we kept taking photos

the day ended with the 3 of us, me, Yoke May and Yuet Mun lepak-ing in Chee Hwa's house till late night..


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