Friday, February 29, 2008

The Return of Knight Rider - THE TALKING CAR!!

i was so excited when i heard the news of this specific show knight rider coming back months ago

knight rider was classic.. some say its an urban legend..

Knight Rider by David Hasselhoff

it was a series that aged more than my age.. lolz.. it was an American series that ran from the year 1982 till 1986

well, in Malaysia we get to watch shows much later than other countries.. especially series, at that time, Astro haven came into the market yet... so.....

anyways, local television stations bought the series and showed it in Malaysia during the period when i was in my primary school life... somewhere in 1994-1998

The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am as KITT

it was a series about Michael Knight and a car with the name KITT.. A "crimefighter plus high-tech vehicle" series

its not an ordinary car, it was a car with Artificial Intelligence... and the combination went on fighting crimes throughout the few seasons of Knight Rider...

that was back then..

and now we have this!!

Knight Rider - An Icon Reborn!!

i have no idea how many of you out there watch the old Knight Rider before haha...

the storyline of this new show is a continuation from the previous knight rider series.. the stories continues after 25 years , with a second AI car!!

this time the "talking car" is a Shelby GT500KR Mustang

Justin Bruening as Mike Traceur, the new KITT driver

the main character of this series happens to be the son of the main character, Michael Knight in the old series lolx..

KITT from front

KITT from back

i've watched the television movie and i thought that it was cool and i love it lolz..

well i heard that there will be an official movie up in cinemas this year..
the car will be a Koenig Ccx

interesting!!! =)

oh yea, below is the torrent for the television movie - Knight Rider

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