Friday, November 30, 2007

Fast Spreading News

with the fast growing technologies nowadays, news can spread in just a snap..

in 2 different cases that happen recently, i am able to witness it myself..

the 1st case

2nd Case

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Assignments & More

recently i have assignments to complete, real many assignments...

it was tuesday night.. haha, if you notice the picture below.. my friend have astro installed in his home... that was so cool!! i get to do my assignment while watchin ManU beating Lisbon lolz..

i didnt take any picture during the night... as i was dreaming the whole night...

my friend's place is at PV6 at melati utama near TARC

the view there was not bad =)

well apart from that.. on tuesday itself.. i rushed like **** so i can do everything in time including meeting up with someone and finishing my Data Structure & Algorithm assignment.. but it happen again that night

i dont really understand why that have to happen every single freaking time.. especially when everything seems like going so nicely and all of a sudden it will pop out.. be it pms, emo-ing, or other external factors... but must it end that way?? why must harshed words came out again and again from someone.. someone that....sigh..

yes on tuesday night at least at the end everything was okay, but in the middle i was like struggling with myself and it was a situation, a feeling that i do not want to get into if i can decide...

so well i guess its alrite and yesterday when i was rushing for another assignment, my DatabaseSystem assignment.. and i mean really rushing where i do not have time to really do other things as i was fighting against time...

then, a call came in... i called back...

and for duno what banana apple chocolate problem, it happen again...

this time, it didnt end like how it ended on tues... it was like... dots dots dots and more dots after what happen which is like me watching X-files and coming to an end and they tell me "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE"

i mean like, MUST IT HAPPEN THAT WAY?? is it something so BIG n WRONG that someone talk.....

haihz... i really dont know whats wrong..

if every single time also have to think very very deeply and clearly about what word and statement and judgement to say to someone that close then whats the use of being that close..


ignore it..

[hat rice hungry]

*and yea i kinda screwed my DSA assignment... lolx..

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

its quiet..

just like that...

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

in the middle of MRR2 highway

was heading to manjalara from MRR2

all of a sudden the cars infront break and i thought to myself that it was a traffic jam...

i stayed in the car for 5 mins and i saw people turning off their engines and going down the car....

was curious and did the same thing then walk front a bit all by myself and this is what i saw...

a big sweat..

an oil truck was on fire..

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

shifted she

here to ... Sigh =_=

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dota - Deadline of the Assignments

noticed this yesterday on my msn friend list

Defense of the Ancients??? think about it again!! LOLz

nuff said =)

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new member of the family

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Friday, November 09, 2007


haven blog for quite some time as i was busy recently on assignments / dramas lolz

just now, i was out at Jln Alor for supper

came home and my mom gave me this...

red pepper chocolate.. which she brought back from Korea

yea, she just came back

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