Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yatz Yatz Zouk Zouk

specially made by Nigel

Last Thursday we had a late birthday celebration for Yatz @ Zouk and we went in with the Zouk Facebook Friend Birthday Thingy. With 6 jugs of whisky/vodka. FREE. =)

Due to some reasons, i attended the party pretty late which i owe an apology to the people who was early there. Sorry. =(

and recently, in Gmail thread(a place where we DGMB-ians chat pretty often), Yatz kept saying i can has cheezburger... and so the peeps got him a cheezburger from McD... Haha... totally random...

Happy Yatz with his Cheezburger!

*bite bite bite*

and we made him eat at the spot xD

this was what we got for him as present. While he was eating.

Yatz and his signature smile + hand gesture

throughout the whole night, we were enjoying free drinks.


we were there for a few hours and because it was a Thursday where some of us have to work the next day, some left the scene earlier.

there is nothing much left to say about the party actually...

except for this one picture where Yatz was emitting some laser beam light from his very nose... haa

the peeps that was there are the ones mentioned above + Jason and his Gf.


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Friday, January 30, 2009

Time Out KL On The Up Jan 2009

It was the first Time Out KL Music Night of the year. A monthly event by Time Out KL which is held in the heart of KL, a venue with the name No Black Tie every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

i was with the usual peeps chilling there that night.

Aaron and David taking pictures with Nigel video recording, it was quite an interesting night i would say.

2StoreyHeart was the first that kept us entertained. Except for the screams he had during his performance, i thought that he is all fine. His songs were a bit emo though, perhaps because of his own life where he was heartbroken back in last year.

Talking about broken, Broken Scar the next performers rocked us that night. Like totally. With Kevin, Alda, Zach, and Alex + an extra performer, the violinist, they made quite a good band and played some really awesome music that night.

and i was even awake at 4.40am that night listening to their songs. Lolx

After an awesome rock session by Broken Scar, we had a totally different performance by the next one, Izzy Mohamed. A more slow tune, some pretty soft and nice songs were displayed. Izzy got a nice voice, just not that distinctive enough that's all. Apart from that, everything was nice and i enjoyed it. Some contrast between the performance by the previous band and this performance.

Secret Love Affair was the next and last performers. Though their music on the instrument was nice, they sucked at their vocals and lyrics. Nuff Said.

At the end of the night, i was still pretty amazed by Broken Scar's performance. Of course, the others were okay as well, just that there's much more place to improve for them.

am looking forward to the next Time Out Music Night! =D
*pictures by David

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Its Been a CRAZY week so far. CNY Rawks!!

It's a crazy week. Serious. Have been out like i've never been out for ages.

Have been out for 27 hours in the last 43 hours. 16 Hours - SES.
*ses = sleep eat shit

and i'm going out again now. Bye wtf!


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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Attempt to get Nigel on Video.

Have you read Huai Bin's post on his love towards JunJunRiko? and i was actually pretty amazed by how he could manage to do so and getting her attention with just RM5. Argh. The music telegram idea is a pretty brilliant one. I wish i could be like Huai Bin. =(

Upon reading that there's this dedication section where i can select a song and dedicate to whoever i want, i clicked on the link almost immediately and started thinking of who to dedicate to.

You know? because if my dedication got selected, Digi will send a bunch of crew to perform the song i've chosen in front of my friend. Sound pretty fun & cool and i would love to see how my friend respond if that were to happen!!

and so, unlike people like me who fail all the time making dedications and expressing my thoughts to girls, i decided to make a dedication to somebody else!!

i bet he was laughing behind that mask during Nuffnang Halloween party last year!!

this specific friend of mine is somewhat a pro in recording videos already, bagging all the prize he could with the video clips he made, and its like all the time he's the one holding the camcorder and getting every other people into the clips and having a few laughs producing some really funny scenes of us all with US entertaining other people. =X

So, i was wondering what if there's a specific video clip that focus totally on him only, how will the video turn out to be? with him entertaining US that is!!

Just look at this dedication video posted on their site to some guy and this guy started dancing after 30 seconds!! HAHAHAHA

and after viewing some other completed dedication videos by the Digi Crew, i can't wait to see how will Nigel react!!

I quickly submitted the details for the dedication to Congrats Nigel on being the featured blogger of Jan 2009 which of course the ultimate objective is to hope that my dedication got selected with Nigel being recorded down on video! *evil laugh*

So Digi, Please select my Dedication? =D

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2008 : Scandalous Year for the Chinese

In the middle of the night last year on this very same date 27th Jan 2008, many of the Chinese who had their reunion dinner was lurking in major HongKong/China forums topics, waiting for more pictures of the infamous Edison Chen 陈冠希 Scandal.

27th of Jan 2008 was the date the first batch of photos were posted online, by a person with the fictional character name from DeathNote, KIRA.

In the later nights, major forums were still flooded by people finding for more pictures and on the 6th of February, an extra amount of 400 pictures surfaced which included 6 females and the official GF of Edison 陈冠希was exposed as well. The whole entertainment industry of Hong Kong had a major chaos which have rumours saying that gangsters in HK are hunting for KIRA 奇拿 and putting a price for Edison 陈冠希 as well.

On the 11th of February 2008, one of the victim,阿娇 a member of TWINS in HK made an apologize admitting that she was too naive and stupid which in return having lots of bashers.

20th February 2008, Edison 陈冠希 return to HK and claimed that he will get out from the entertainment industry in HK.

The whole scandal made lots of headlines in major newspapers in whole lots of countries esp in ASIA and created lots of discussions and i still remember everyone was using the infamous statement "i was too naive and stupid 太傻太天真" behind every sorry they say.

Annie Yi 伊能静

Harlem Yu 庾澄庆

November 2008. A picture of Annie Yi 伊能静 holding a guy's hands where the guy is not her husband Harlem Yu 庾澄庆 was exposed and the 19yrs marriage between Annie Yi 伊能静 and Harlem Yu 庾澄庆was in red light.

Annie Yi 伊能静 and the other guy.

December 2008. The boyfriend of Vivian Chow 周慧敏 was seen kissing another girl and pictures were taken and exposed which leads to a series of amazing stories including the break up of the 19 yrs of courtship and the end which is the marriage of Vivian Chow 周慧敏 and the boyfriend which kept lots of vivianfans in disappointment. Wtf right?

So what now? The Edison Scandal females...

Cecilia Cheung 张柏芝 out for tea with her boy.

Candice 陈思慧 shopping with her boyfriend

Rachel 颜颖思 out with her boyfriend

Bobo 陈文媛

most of them have mostly likely came out of it already and leading their lives peacefully. Cecilia Cheung 张柏芝 is taking care of her boy living her life in low profile. Rachel 颜颖思, Bobo 陈文媛, Candice 陈思慧 are still very in love with their boyfriends.

On Gillian Chung 钟欣桐, one of the member of TWINS, she spent most of her time last year doing community work/charities in China and the news of her making a comeback to the Hong Kong entertainment industry was rumoured throughout the year. Just recently, news of a movie that will have both TWINS members as the main cast is out. A dance related movie as well as the album of TWINS will be out in 2009.

Talking about scandals, both blogosphere in Singapore & Malaysia was full of drama as well. The 2 biggest one was the famous XiaXue VS DawnYang act and the Msia Top Blogger Scandal.

All of these mentioned above were pretty juicy and entertaining but seriously, hope that those people involved have totally come out from what that was bothering them during that time. After all, all these stuffs are not such a good thing.

Don't be so cow already larh THIS YEAR!

Source & Related Links:
Investment in a movie for TWINS
TWINS album to be out in 2nd half of 2009
People making fun of Edison after the scandal and the Aftermath of the scandal
Scandalous year of 2008

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Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 Chinese New Year Eve NIGHT OUT!!

Was out at McD with 3 earthlings followed by "makan angin" in KL....

Before out...
Andrew : Later Yumcha?
Me : Me and You?
Andrew : and Zoe...
Me : okay...

In Car
Me : eh eh ask more people out la
Andrew : who eh.. Oh Sandra!
Me : *called yatz because we were around Cheras and found out he was gambling at puchong* Oi after puchong come la...
Yatz(On the Phone) : later got second round, Pandan Indah ahaks ahaks ahaks
Me : wtf 2nd round, you losing or winning?
Yatz(On the Phone) : actually.... losing... haha
Me : then don't gamble lor, come YumCha la...*and got rejected by Yatz eventually...*

and so

4 No Life Earthlings....

had a...

at Mcdonald Cheras..

and went for...

What Can I Say? xD

Happy CNY 2009!!!

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year is HERE!!!

Christmas of 2008 pass and i didn't really get to feel it and New Year's Eve came and left pretty fast, good thing there was a party and now, Chinese New Year is here. Everything was really fast. Lolx Damn Cow.

I will make sure that i enjoy this particular CNY!! ROARRRRR i mean MOOOOOO

So today is the 3oth where Chinese families have reunions and at the same time, today is a Sunday. So there was Sunday service and quite a lot of people showed up haha. I actually got my first AngPow today. From a church member. Haha. NICE!!!
*yes christians do celebrate CNY and we do give angpows lolx

Looking forward for more to come!!!!

and yea...

Reunion Dinner was good! =)


Wish Everyone for a year with more Moolahhh and most importantly, health.



alright i'm going out now ciaoz~

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