Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Attempt to get Nigel on Video.

Have you read Huai Bin's post on his love towards JunJunRiko? and i was actually pretty amazed by how he could manage to do so and getting her attention with just RM5. Argh. The music telegram idea is a pretty brilliant one. I wish i could be like Huai Bin. =(

Upon reading that there's this dedication section where i can select a song and dedicate to whoever i want, i clicked on the link almost immediately and started thinking of who to dedicate to.

You know? because if my dedication got selected, Digi will send a bunch of crew to perform the song i've chosen in front of my friend. Sound pretty fun & cool and i would love to see how my friend respond if that were to happen!!

and so, unlike people like me who fail all the time making dedications and expressing my thoughts to girls, i decided to make a dedication to somebody else!!

i bet he was laughing behind that mask during Nuffnang Halloween party last year!!

this specific friend of mine is somewhat a pro in recording videos already, bagging all the prize he could with the video clips he made, and its like all the time he's the one holding the camcorder and getting every other people into the clips and having a few laughs producing some really funny scenes of us all with US entertaining other people. =X

So, i was wondering what if there's a specific video clip that focus totally on him only, how will the video turn out to be? with him entertaining US that is!!

Just look at this dedication video posted on their site to some guy and this guy started dancing after 30 seconds!! HAHAHAHA

and after viewing some other completed dedication videos by the Digi Crew, i can't wait to see how will Nigel react!!

I quickly submitted the details for the dedication to Congrats Nigel on being the featured blogger of Jan 2009 which of course the ultimate objective is to hope that my dedication got selected with Nigel being recorded down on video! *evil laugh*

So Digi, Please select my Dedication? =D


Harmony said...

i hope you get what you want.

joshuaongys said...

> Harmony : i hope so too thx! xD

Huai Bin said...

Ah, lovely dedication!

Genting bro. :)

Nigelais said...

This is what happens when one is on holidays for too long - haha!

I demand a more worthy reason. Muahahahahaha!

joshuaongys said...

> Huai Bin : lmao i'm really clueless on Genting plan now lolx, previously i have no plans now i have been out non stop wtf... gahh

> Nigelais : lolx... you wait i go think of one worthy reason first... hmmmmmmm

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