Wednesday, June 27, 2007

and so

nothing much happen recently... can finally take a few long breathe at last....

apart from meeting up with "her" quite often..

i guess...

nothing much really did happen....

of cuz, i recover already....

and now, i want to watch TRANSFORMER this weekend!!!

who's with me??

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Thank You Jesus

For thos who have keep in touch with me recently, they know i have been working on behalf of Canon in various places selling cameras/printers... and most of the days i work falls on weekends...

since college started, i stopped working already... yes of course its because of college work... but one of the reason is, i do not want to skipped sunday service and go to work...

my friend who went to Canon product training with me, he work more days than me, and whenever there's an extra job on weekends, he will call me up, but i'll reject him... and so last month, the salary i got is rm700 only... while he have rm1400...

i'll be expecting the next cheque which is around rm300 next month.. while he'll be expecting rm1500 ++

just because i choose not to work on weekends..

well i've no regrets and just yesterday, i went out with "her"..

i was sharing with her about this matter, and i just say that i'll count on GOD to provide me financially...


i went back home, mom told me there's a cheque on my table...

and there you can see, the picture above...

mind me, its not the money i work on behalf of Canon..

lets just say its a blessing from Heaven bah...

Thank GOD

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Transformers Robotcon 2007

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

a conversation on the phone

me : later hor, if i suddenly change topic and talk about studies ar, you talk about studies also okay??

her : i dont get it...

me: means if i suddenly talk about something like "today hor, cikgu Azmi teach that maths question hor, why har, need to use the pembezaan method wan ar??" then it means somebody at home pick up the house phone on the other side, it might be my dad or mom lorrr... you know lar, if they found out i use the phone too much jz talking crap then they will scold... if they know i'm talking about studies at least they wont scold marh...

her: oh... okok..

and the conversation continue...

well, during my secondary school days, i always do that while talking with someone on the phone... i'm one of the main reason why the house telephone bill went up high that period... i'll talk on the phone for hours everyday, with different people...

do you do that too??

well =)

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rapid KL Bus driver

today, as usual, i travel back home by bus..

and i have to change to a different bus at this titiwangsa bus stop

just before my bus reach titiwangsa bus stop, i saw this bus driver from the bus on the 3rd lane(my bus was at the 1st lane) open up his bus door, came out , stand at the front entrance of his bus and he raise his hands, throwing a ball shape "rubbish" made from paper at the bus i'm sitting in........

and i look infront and see my bus's bus driver looking back at the bus driver who threw the rubbish....

obviously, they know each other and they're playing around...

but, during working hours??? lolz... that sure entertain me for quite a while..

and by the way, that time, all the vehicle is not moving at the moment because of the traffic jam.. so dont go way far thinking that the other bus driver purposely stop his bus in the middle of the road then come out and throw a rubbish on the bus i'm in.....

interesting?? lolz and yea, who's cursing me whole day long???

i've been sneezing like since i woke up till NOW!!! yea.. every single hour sure got sneeze a few times.... sometimes up to dominating sneeze... u know dominating, where u kill 4 heroes already(in dota)?? yea i sneeze 4 times in a row.... sometimes monster sneeze somemore... Zzzzz

or maybe i could put it this way, who is missing me so much today?? =)

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Mao's Birthday

today, 18 June 2007 is Mao's Birthday...

17 June 2007, 10pm..

we celebrated his birthday in Neway 1 Utama

who was there???

8 of us.... ALL GUYS... LOLZ

Lemon, steven, chu, shujian, mao, Vozxx, supz, me

the birthday boy himself turns 21 today!!



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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day @ Church

today, my church invited a group of people or to be exact, a group of guys who was once a gambler..

some of them got attached to loan sharks before.....

anyway these group of people came to give testimony and share bout how God saved their lives....and now they are in a organization which serve GOD and their main concentration are saving those people who are addicted to gambling...

so there is this person who happens to be the one who lead this group of people...

i tell u all ar, he very the terror.... he's just like what u see in hong kong movies....

he used to be a gangster "taikor" and have many "ma chais"...

he shared with us about his life before he accepted Christ.... w

ell like what we see in Hong Kong movies...

he open disco, sell drugs ( ice, K powder, fing tau pill, etc) in disco, sell pirated vcds(he was one of the top pirated vcd distributor 10-20 years back), he himself go to his own disco every single night eating all kinds of pills, bringing girls to hotels after giving those girls some drugs to consume....

his dad is a professional fulltime gambler (cheater) and he followed his dad going to the casinos around the border of China, Nepal, Indonesia and etc and got blacklisted.....

and there's more to his story..... which i think i will not further ellaborate on... ><

anyway its a good news now that he accepted Christ and testifying for GOD saving other people...

after everything ended, we had a fellowship together taking our lunch in church



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nothing to blog about

well, this week have been quite a week for me as college work came up to my door knocking loudly while i'm still in my one year holiday mood...

ignore that, i hate these kinda time when i just feel like bloggin but i do not have anything to blog about, so some of you peeps might tell me just not to blog la...

but with my blog having the same old post at the top for days just makes me feel so uncomfortable... why?? dun ask me why....


Its Papa's day....


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Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Haircut

2 days ago

all of a sudden

i feel like having a haircut

and so

26 April 2007

with what i used to look like last time

6 June 2007

i look like this now

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

2nd Day in College

this is so far my second day of my Advanced Diploma life...

came college quite early today - 8am++

anyways, went to this lecture hall today for ObjectOrientedAnalysis&Design lecture...

and for this lecture today, CISCO sent a few people to TARC today to have a talk on CISCO certification and how important it is in the industrial world... and all these came up
  • CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert)
  • CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional)
  • CCDP (Cisco Certified Design Professional)
  • CCIP (Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional)
  • CCSP (Cisco Certified Security Professional)
  • CCVP (Cisco Certified Voice Professional)
  • CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)
  • CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Associate)
  • CCSI (Cisco Certified Systems Instructor)
Dont ask me whats that cause i dont know how to explain to you, just search through google then you'll have the answers...

to make things simple, we were told that after we complete our adv dip course, we can take an exam to get a CCNA Certificate.. and CCNA Cert happens to be the lowest level of all CERTs.... well it was quite interesting but i shall think about it if only i can complete my Course lah!!!!! ><

other than that, we have Psychology classes today which is MORE BORING THAN HISTORY CLASSES!! erm i think its the same.... the lecturer surely know how to cast an effective spell on us for like 2 hours??? make us either stone or sleep at the spot we were in college hall....

after my last class ended, which happens to be 7pm, i went to Christian Fellowship of TARC in a nearby lecture hall..

when i was still in my Diploma years i didnt really involved myself in any clubs/associates and etc... and well i figured it out that this time that i want to be active in TARC CF...

pray for me that i can really do that... hmm

anyway, i had a nice time there

thank God for everything...

okay now.... its like 2.45am and later i have class from 9am-5pm with 2 hours break... GREAT!!!

have to hop to bed now... till then.. ZZzzzz

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Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm BACK!! In College!!! =p

finally i'm here, as a student of TARC, taking advanced diploma in Science!!

after stopping for one whole year, i enrolled myself in this course Information System Engineering in TARC...

it was my first day... was a bit disappointed knowing that i was sent to different group with my friends...

and because i skipped class the whole week last week, i dont have my timetable yet..

i got my timetable at last and this is it

Monday - 9am-5pm [ 2 hours break in the middle ]
Tuesday - 9am-7pm [ 2.30 hours break in the middle ]
Wednesday - 9am-5pm [ 2 hours break in the middle ]
Thursday - 11am-2pm [ no break ]
Friday - 9am-6pm [ 1.30 hours break in the middle ]

as you can see 4 / 5 days of my class is from morning till evening except for thursday itself....

I'M SO DEAD!!!!!!!!!! ZZZzzzz

anyway, i learned how to make a network cable in network communication practical today....

from this

to this!!!

isnt it wonderful??? lolz (i know its lame lar, give face a bit lar k?)

came back home at last at around 6pm++

was so tired after bathing and taking my dinner, came to my computer to relax a bit and this happened...

this time its Phoebe, Kenrick, Michel, Joash, Levi and Me!!

hahahahhaha guess we all just miss the PKs Retreat too much!!

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pastor Kid's Retreat "aftermath"

Date & Time : 03 June 2007 1.14am
Venue : In front of our own computers
People : Lemuel, Tryphena, Lionel Tan, Michel, Gabrielle and Me
Scenario : 6 Pastor's Kids crapping/chatting in a msn chatroom in the middle of the night and there's CHURCH SERVICE the next morning!!!

Conclusion : Pastor's Kids are still normal Humans!!

for those who still dont get it, Pastor's Kids should be sleeping at that time already furthermore on the next day got sunday service in church... understand?

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pastor Kid's Retreat 2007

this post is gonna be very long, with lots of pictures!!!

there's this MInister's Retreat every 2 years organize by AOG [ Assemblies Of God ] and this year we have Pastor kid's Retreat as well, going on at the same time/venue

28th - 31st May 2007, Awana Genting Highlands

at first i never thought of going... but when i saw the responds/replies in Pks YahooGroup,i decided to go...

after missing 2 times with is 4 years without catching up with the youths/PKs, i thought i would be lost there, and now i'm glad that i went there!!

1st Day

tumpang Lemuel's car there and the four of us, Lemuel, Melanie, Joash and me reached there around 3pm

i feel really funny having roommates who bring PS2 and computer... joash(computer) and michael (PS2) to the camp haha..

anyway i rested, then soon its dinner time... and then, we took our dinner...

youth session started, and Joash is in charge of the icebreaking session

and so we had a short game... and i'm the 1st catcher... sweat.. like what joash said in his blog, some people were bored, but overall it was nicely done

and we have our 1st worship session of the camp..

the guys from YouthAlive west Aus was with us the 1st and 2nd youth session

being a PK himself, Matt from YA west Aus shared his life experience with us and it was a wonderful message..

the night ended with Lemuel, Joash, Michael and Me playing winning eleven on Joash's computer...

2nd Day

On the 2nd day, the morning session, a few people from YA west Aus shared their life experience and later on we celebrated Pastor Becky's birthday as well =)

and before the peeps leave the camp, we took some photos with them..

YouthAlive Msia vs YouthAlive West Aus

the group photo!!

In the afternoon, we had our 1st soccer session and although i was in the lost side, it was fun playing...

the youth session at night started with another short game... which i'm not involve in hahahaha...

the speaker for the 2nd night is Pastor Sally sharing about the story of Daniel with his friend in the Fiery Trial, well its about faith..

phoebe mathius with the worship team for the next morning
*she have such a good voice!!

and well the 2nd night ended with Winning Eleven as well... lolz

3rd Day

i shall start the 3rd day with this 2 cute pictures

arent they cute??


Pastor Clement is the speaker for the morning session

as usual, he is always funny when he is preaching with his jokes.. his message title was whose father footsteps.. following our Heavenly father footsteps, Jesus, or our father on earth, our dad, Fellow Pastors...

we had soccer in the afternoon as well... this time we have it Pastor's kids versus Pastors.. lolz.. like the previous day the match went into penalty kickout... eventually i was in the losing team again... we have 2 extra people joining us in the afternoon who is levi and jefferey...

in the night we PKs have extended time for dinner... that means longer time to fellowship around... isaac and aletheia finally joined us in the dinner session...

and i shall leave the rest of the dinner session to the photos

our youth session started at 9pm, which is one hour later than previous nights...

we have another short game again, with a few small groups, everybody gets to know their group member's name....

and then we have our worship session then straight into altar call where every PKs was prayed by the pastors around... it was quite a powerful prayer i could say..

and then we formed a big circle where some of us came out and make declarations on behalf of our families

the whole thing was awesome!!

took some photos with some people after everything ended

the next thing we did was ending up in a mamak stall in GotongJaya

well i would say its quite messy, where everybody is all around the mamak stall... and the food really sucks there haha with excessive pepper in it... but anyway i enjoyed my time...

later on that night, because it was the last night.. most of us didnt sleep...

in my room itself, there's this 2 girls michel and andrea watchin heroes.. michael and phinenas talking about soccer, joash/lemuel/levi and michael playing winning eleven...

and so i went downstairs.. and i found out this

a bunch of crazy PKs playing pictionary outside of the main hall!!! and because they made too much noise, the guards forced them to change the venue to here...

the main entrance of Awana Hotel, Genting Highlands

they finished playing at around 6am... both the winning eleven and pictionary peeps... lolz!!!

4th Day - Last Day

slept for like 1 hour plus... Zzzz

and as usual, on the last day, the youths will join the main session with the pastors

soon enough its the end of the whole retreat, a wonderful retreat... where many was blessed

seeing the newer batch of PKs joining in the youth session makes me excited, with them praising and worshipping, i somehow felt touched with what God did in us all... being a Pastor's kid may be hard sometimes, but we have each other shoulders to lean on... people might not understand what have we gone through being a Pastor's Kid, but we as a big group of family will understand...

afterall, we have our Almighty God looking after us!!

came back with these 2 changed nametags....

till the next PKs Retreat... take care peeps!! =)

God Bless

*thanks Michel for the pictures...

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