Friday, October 31, 2008

Old School Party - The Usuals

Carefully planned and organized by the Mastermind of Angelic_Kelz, this party became a reality just last week. On the 25th of October 2008. Yay!

I believe that this thought of having this mini little party have been on Kelli's mind since the day we had our first DGMB birthday celebration. The day where we had fun having dinner together talking about the stuffs from the days when we were young.

The discussion/talks did not end on that day, we even continue chatting about it yadda yadda yadda, power rangers, little mermaid, choki choki, tora, captain planet and etc on the exact day Kelli graduated when we had a great steamboat session in Sunway.

I guessed that was why those who were there love this little party pretty much. =D

and because some of our classmates flew to U.K already or due to some personal reasons which leads to their absence in this very happening party, we invited students from other class in our school....

Like this dude, the Tai Kor of our school

and the girl next class

along with the best sportsman of our school

and the best sportswoman of our school.

Thats all for now! HaHa. More to come Soon!!



*all pictures credits to DavidCheong

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Enju Japanese Restaurant, Prince Hotel KL

Just a few days before 22nd of October 2008, BBO contacted me and asked me out for this food review at Enju Japanese Restaurant in Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur, without further thoughts, i agreed immediately.

You know, just like a small kid wanting to eat sweet and when people offer sweets, that's what happened. Of course i don't simply take sweets from people alright Haha. Was assigned into the same group with BBO in the 40 bloggers project somewhere mid this year and so BBO isnt a stranger to me since then. =D

Anyway, cut the crap, straight to the point. Along with me on this review were KY, Teckiee, Kelvin and of course Sidney and Sunny of BBO.

and the main content of this post, the food.

Gindara Tamagoyaki - Alaskan Black Cod grilled with egg yolk and cream cheese RM52

Due to my upside down sleeping hours and unhealthy eating habit, i have not taste fish cooked in such a way or in a similar way for a very very very long time already. This appetizer came in at the right time and it was just the opening of the various dishes served that session.

Shirako Dofu Cod fish roe tofu topped with nori, bonito flakes, wasabi and light shoyu RM28

The second dish we had was this one which i don't know how to describe. I love tofu all this while be it fried or steamed or etc and so i was pretty delighted when i saw this dish coming. =)

The food came in quite fast. Below are the dishes that came in after that.

Crispy tempura salmon, mountain yam and nori roll with wasabi shoyu RM28

Fugu Mirin Boshi Sweet Vinegar Grilled Puffer Fish RM28

this one taste like "yuk gon" erm how do you call it in English. Dried Meat? You know those kinda meat you get to see everywhere you go when it reaches Chinese New Year. That one. How does it looks like, just like in the picture above. Heee. Not bad.

California roll - starts from RM25 (base on your selection of fillings)

California roll. One of the most common ones among Japanese food. I think i don't have to ellaborate on that don't i.

Tempura Moriawase - Assorted fried seafood and vegetables RM32

Erm. Tempura you know hahahaha this is one of the dishes i like among the Japanese food. I don't know why but i just like it. Its simple and nice. xD

Sukiyaki (beef RM65) (chicken RM45)

Just like what you see in the picture. There were vegetables, meat, tofu and erm did you see the sausage slice alike thing on the right hand side of the picture above, that's Japanese yam. Taste like jelly. Haha. This dish appears to be a little too sweet for me. =)

Papaya Bakingyaki - Baked Hawaiian papaya filled with seafood, cream cheese and mushrooms. RM34

Uh Oh, this is the special one, just read the description above. I told a few friends about it and straight away they told me they cant imagine and said that it would surely be disgusting, you know, papaya and cheese.... They just don't go together. But let me tell you, this dish is the dish that gave me the best impression among all dishes during the whole session. Its pretty new to me. Sorry for my jakun-ness. I liked it though. =D


I've always wanted to eat Unagi when i dine on japanese food outside but i dare not order as its expensive to me, well i'm a student so yea. I was satisfied hahaha to have eat quite a lot of this.

Lastly, this is a must to most Japanese Food Lovers. Sushi and Sashimi.

Sushi Moriawase Take - 8 handmade sushi and 4 sushi rolls RM125
Sashimi Fuji - Assorted sashimi, 10 pieces RM95

The picture taken above is a combination of Sushi Moriawase Take and Sashimi Fuji. Nice.

The food review session ended with this wonderful ice cream.

Goma Ice Cream Rich Black Sesame Ice cream RM20



An interesting session i would say. We exchanged laughters and left the place with a full stomach. Personally, though i like sushi, tempura and etc, i seldom have the chance to eat food like this, as in Japanese, Korean, Vietnam food and etc and to me this meal is a very rewarding one as i get to know a bit more about Japanese Food and its ingredients and of course some of the Japanese names. Interesting.

Am thankful for it. Thanks to Sidney and Sunny of BBO for the invitation. =D

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

超級星光大道第四季 林鴻鳴 & 阿信- 大驚小怪

超級星光大道第四季 林鴻鳴 - 大驚小怪

For the past few days, i have been catching up with the past few episodes of 超級星光大道 Season 4. Stopped for a while last time because i thought that it was NOT SO NICE already for God knows what reason till my friend told me it is still watchable.

On the other hand, i always have problem with songs that have shoutings and screamings.

and just last week episode of 超級星光大道S4, this contestant Ling Hong Ming (林鴻鳴) sang this song below and it blew me off and i can actually accept it...

20081024 《超級星光大道第四季》林鴻鳴 - 大驚小怪

I actually like it if you ask me =P

and this song was sang by this artist in Taiwan Ah Xin (阿信) and on that day itself, Ah Xin was one of the judge and.... view the video below la.... hehe

20081024 《超級星光大道第四季》林鴻鳴 + 阿信 - 大驚小怪

To me its really interesting as this is what i've been waiting in this season of 超級星光大道. =D

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some Scenes & a Review on DragonBall Movie??

Its been quite some time since i last checked out this website

One of the newest Movie Poster.

This is the website i got some of the latest news from the Dragon Ball Movie which is coming out in 2009.

and there's a few updates on the movie itself.

View the video below. One of the scenes from the movie. Though less than 10 seconds but still...

and by viewing the video on YouTube itself leads to a whole lot more selections of videos which some are obviously fake ones and some claimed to be the official trailer of the movie. O.O

Like this

Among all the videos i've watched this interests me the most.

PAY ATTENTION FROM 1.00 onwards.

Interesting? To me it is definitely interesting as this is one of the rare story i followed reading the whole set of 40+ comics again and again (i seldom repeat on the comics i read).

A click on this link simply directs me to foxmovies official website which means their official website is not up yet. Sigh.

OH and yea apparently someone claimed to have watched the movie already and this is part of the review.
1) Action - I wasn’t expecting the action scenes to be as awesome as they were. Simply put the best thing about this movie. The last action scene of Goku vs. Picollo are simply amazing and when picollo takes out his huge fucking ass sword with weird rectangle shape tablet attached it at the tip of sword and slamming it on goku was fucking awesome. Lot of blowing shit up, super cool flying scenes, awesome ki blasts. This fight scene was around 13-15 minutes long. There are other small action scenes that are fun and entertaining with slo mo but nowhere as good as the picollo vs. goku scene.

3) Justin Chatwin as Goku. This guy surprised me a lot. I really didn’t like him when they casted him as goku but he did a damn good job in the acting department and he nailed the KAMEHAMEHA line.

4) Oozaru - the giant monkey is in the movie. Goku turns into a 8-9 feet tall giant baboon when he looks at the moon. It was awesome looking though a bit CGI. Maybe they will fix it later.

Source :


When the news first break out with the casts revealed, i was as disappointed as many of the Dragon Ball fans out there. Reading at the review written gave me a little bit of smile on my face. I would definitely go to the cinemas even if its only for the fight between Goku and Picollo!!

Damn next year will be a really wicked year as there're MANY MANY nice movies going to the big screen. Movies like Terminator4, Spiderman4, Transformer2, G.I JOE and many more. Go check them out on the internet! xD

I have no idea how true is it on the video clips and the review posted above but anyways...

I'm Excited.

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review on My Best Friend's Girl

A bloggers movie meeting planned by Thomas and Pam. This was the movie we watched.

My best friend's girl.

I actually like this movie =)

Sometimes movie like this that is straight forward is really nice to watch and you can really relax yourself and better still there's humor in it and so watching a movie like this will really make you smiling going out of the movie.

How straight forward??

The movie title is


Best Friend's


that's if you understand. =D

Alright, its about this relationship between this 2 guys and 1 girl.

Although it looks like a chick flick, this movie is NOT. Its a movie with 18sx topics/conversations/chats and etc and of course that's where its funny. OF COURSE, some people will find it pretty disturbing but i'm fine with it.

The story introduces this guy in the left above as a "professional" datekiller(someone who kills a date), couplerestorer(someone who restores a couple) or whatever you would like to name it haha and in order to do that he must be GOOD at flirting and getting attentions from the opposite sex. In short, a player.

Apart from his fulltime job accepting full calls like what Streamyx Customer Service does, people(mostly guys) including his friends will hire him to go out on a date with the gfs and then give the girls the suckiest date they ever had so that the girls will go back to their own respective guy.

So i guess you could pretty predict that the best friend hired him to do that on the girl.

and it turn out that accident happens. The professional personell failed and fell in love with the girl.

and the pro finds his own dad to talk about the problem. And gosh, his dad is another dude with the same characteristics. Awesome or Sad Case thats up to you to decide.

Yes the dad, slept with many womens before and he's one professional player.

Issues happened and there were conflicts. Just like this picture above. The girl's sister is getting married and apparently the "professional player" dated the sister before. I like the contrast on the 2 faces haha.

Movies like this always have a happy ending as that is what majority wants.


Oh yea, this is one of my favourite scene. xD

Girl : she's upstairs with a guy
Guy : So she's seeing someone now?
Girl : No, not exactly, the guy comes over and bang her and then he leaves the house......
*the dialogues are something lidat lar.. mayb not totally the same de... =X

my rating for this movie 7/10

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DGMB : We Are Family

For those people who came to this post here through this title : A day where Kelli and Nigel fight.....

this post is to tell you that NO, THEY DIDN'T FIGHT!!

to those people who messaged me on MSN asking me about it, that proves that how many people are actually so busybody stepping their legs into places they don't belong and just being three eight ifyouknowwhatdoesthatmean.

well if you hope to see fights happening between them then HAHAHAHA YOU WON'T!! Sorry la to disappoint you, go somewhere else to find a fight or maybe you can even watch the whole series of movies Young & Dangerous. =)

in DGMB, we're one Happy Family. xD

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Kelli's Birthday!!

A birthday post that was 2 weeks delayed.

It was Miss Goh's birthday celebration. At a place with the name Vary Pasta which is very hidden to me in somewhere across ATRIA which is located in Damansara Jaya. =D

The people who attended was

Josephine, Yatz, BdayGirl, Nigel

HsuJen, David, Aaron and me


Nigel as the OV.

and David as the OP....................

Before the food came, Kelli was playing around with Nigel's toy

and good thing we did not wait too long for them to serve the food...

and well, after the food came, Kelli was still playing with Nigel's toy... So, throughout the whole "makan" session, Nigel have to concentrate on the food and give up on his toy. At first, he was quite emo and squatted in a corner of the place just under the basin having a hard moment trying very hard to smile.

but soon, with the help of other people, he came back to his seat and started smiling with...

NOT 1!!!


okay i was just playing around with the pictures as those pictures were nice but i don't know what else can i talk about hahaha..

Anyways, Nigel was doing his job at his best by taking many many scenes

The cake came not long after we finished the food, Good Job by both Aaron and I.... hahahahha

and we got Kelli a present which is so cool if you're one of the hardcore disney fans!!

Kelli is!!! =D

Just look how happy she was!!! =)

Simple but nice birthday celebration hehe.

and yea, Nigel & Kelli did not fight larrrrrr!!!! =)

btw Go Check out the Birthday Videos in the links below!! DAMN NICE!

*now i have a serious headache on what to go as this Saturday. To the Halloween Party.Hmm

*pics by DavidCheong & Kelli

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