Thursday, October 16, 2008

review on Max Payne

Yesterday night, i watched this movie with some of my college mates. Originally, i proposed on watching butterfly lovers but when i went online and check on the showtimes and bookings, i found out that Max Payne is already available. Awesome. =D

this is actually a movie made based on a video game, a video game that my friend promoted to me a long time ago and i'm not very good at video game, the only thing i remember about this Max Payne is in the game, things can go slow motion, yea like Matrix kinda slow motion and i thought it was awesome and that's it, i didn't bother finishing the game. xD

Alright, so on the review of this movie itself. Hmm what should i say.

I was kind of lost from the start of the movie. With psychos talking about wings and "they" i was pretty much swaying my way from left to right endlessly with my brain going blank.

Then, this girl appeared all of a sudden

and she followed Max Payne back home and took off her clothes and........ watch it yourself lmao. =)

HAHAHA, well from start, the movie was pretty slow with its ongoing storyline and there were suspense everywhere which why i said i was lost and i have no idea what is happening.

then more and more people died and when Max Payne went deeper into the incidents, i became more and more interested in what's going to happen next and i tried to stay awake as much as i can with my friend sleeping beside me already. o.O

more trails leads Max into a deeper investigation and my friend was totally awake when it came to the scenes where gun shots happened, NOT NORMAL GUN SHOTS, shots you can do in the game, like you know, Matrix kinda slow motion kinda shot.

I thought it was kinda cool and for me, the amount of suspense and the period of time where the storyline was slow was just nice for me.

IF you don't understand, for me, in a movie....
NO suspense - boring,
TOO MUCH suspense - tulan,
Too much fast Storyline- Don't know what happen,
Too much slow Storyline - Sleep already.
*storyline could go fast at times and go slow at times

and what i meant was it was just nice for me.

I like the graphics as well. =)

one of the slow motion scenes

and yes, there're lots of dark elements in this movie, in case you do not know as some people might find it disturbing.

Oh and Sucre is in this movie HAh!!! Sucre is a character in Prison Break. =D

So hmm, from what i see at this movie through a neutral point of view, NOT ALL will accept this movie and say that it's nice, for me, its nice. Some people would think that the movie was rather slow and i DO think that yes it was slow as well, but when the storyline reveals more and more gun shots scenes came in, i kind of agree with why the movie should go slow in front.

For me i think it's worth watching in the cinemas, but for those in doubt, maybe you could opt to watch it on a Wednesday where its Rm6 for one tix. =P

To people who have problems with dark elements, you might want to have a second thought if you think of watching this movie.

Oh yea, remember the girl i mentioned above who took off her clothes, she's was eventually dead. =X

my rating for this movie is 7/10


wEtwEtwAtEr said...

out already meh? see la again go movie without me. sigh... or u download one is it? hahaha..

Kritz said...

argh!!! 18PL ... NO FAIR ...

joshuaongys said...

> wetwetwater : surprisingly its out already in GSC cinemas yest haha... aha i was out watching with my college mates wor u wan come meh hehehe

> kritz : aha u can always dl it =D

cheez said...

HIGH 5 BRO! i caught it last night too! premiere at Queensbay GSC :D

okay sorry but my take on this flick is..

it sucks. seriously if the ticket was more than 7 bucks i wouldn't have watched it.
perhaps i never knew the storyline of the game well enough for it to relate to it. but as far as plot and presentation is concerned - this movie is an epic fail.

i thought they spent too much on animation, cgi and graphics.. id rather have a show with a thicker plot - or at least more REALISTIC or payne-like gunfights.

the verdict:
simply lacking of every element that a good movie needs. disappointment is only the beginning :/

sorry bro, it's just my two cents ><

Johnny Ong said...

seems good

joshuaongys said...

> cheez : ahahahha *high5* its alright, like i've said, not all people would like this movie hehehe but i noticed that you are good at explaining some of the details. I'll totally fail if i attempt in writing a review like that. Nice one!! cheers xD

> johnny ong : to me la its not bad =D

smaelz said...

I know it will be slow storyline.. why? because I play the game.. Max Payne and Max Payne 2.. it the game also the storyline is slow, but since you can shoot people.. it's not boring.. hehe

joshuaongys said...

> smaelz : ahahahaha so i guess you're a big fan of this game huh?? go watch it!

戏痞三赖 said...

i will say good enough but not as expected as a hardcore fan of max payne we demand more bullet time then all the fancy few bullet time to actually input in the scene..

joshuaongys said...

> 戏痞三赖 : correcT!! but it's good for entertainment for people who're not a fan of max payne bah =)

戏痞三赖 said...

non max paybe fan actually curse this movie...

joshuaongys said...

> 戏痞三赖 : ahahaha it depends den i think..

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