Sunday, October 05, 2008

Review on House Bunny

One movie. Many chicks girls. funny Not so funny.

House Bunny. Thanks to Nuffnang.

A bunny of the playboy mansion who left the place on some really lame jealousy issues that girls always have. O.O

Upon leaving she found a place where she eventually call that home. It was some place that was going to be taken away if everything remains the same and the weirdos in it doesn't change.

some weirdo who doesn't change, reminds me of someone. Puke. =X

and so, some advices were given by the so called "experienced" bunny

and transformation have to be made and of course, as much as it is predictable..

transformation have been made though i still think that they are quite weird. =X

The girls eventually managed to solve the problem they were facing and yes, the storyline is really really pretty predictable and i didn't say that it is a bad movie because of that.

It is just so not my type of movie. Sorry to say so la as i know there're a couple of people who like this movie and think that this movie is freaking funny and nice. To me yes its funny but that's it fullstop. Shall not comment any further then. =)

My rating for this movie is 6

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