Friday, October 24, 2008

My New Profile Picture

Just came back from Vozxx's birthday celebration @ The Curve.

Was with my girl before that =D

A simple dinner with a game of bowling followed by a short session in a nearby McD pretty sums up the birthday celebration for Vozxx.

Hope you enjoy it HAHA.


ignore me, that was a random one.

Anyway if you notice, i've changed my profile picture on the right side of my blog. Last time i was placing this picture there. A picture taken by Aaron.

which is pretty cocky/lanci i would say..

The picture was up there for a few months already. Actually just 2 months and just last week, i got a few nice pictures taken in the short session @ KLPAC.

picture by Nigel

one of it is this picture above. I know i'm not as handsome as David Beckham and macho as Hugh Jackman lah but at least in this picture i smile right? =)

picture by DavidCheong

and then i have this picture above as well which i love alot because people cant see me HAHAHAHAHA. That's weird i know.

and so i took quite some time to decide on which picture to place on the side and now as you can see i've made my decision. xD

No point showing my face la, i'm nobody haha and actually i love the 2nd picture more than the 1st one so yea... That's it.

Tell me my decision is RIGHT!! I AM RIGHT IN CHOOSING THE 2nd PICTURE!!


Hmm, so what do you think? 1st or 2nd? =X


YingYang@QS said...

Picture -2 =) the one with lots of bowling balls. It says "I've got balls"

Big Boys Oven said...

wah so nice lar your picture, sampai I "lau hau sui"! I wonder who can take a pic of BBO?

tasmanian anal monster said...

oh man and i thought you looked ugly from your photoshopped old profile pic. even uglier without photoshop

QuaChee said...

new pic - like the shades/ shadow. :)

BLue said...

b4 famous, trying to show the world

after famous, trying to hide with low profile LOL

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

i also have a some profile pictures of joshua! LOL!

joshuaongys said...

> yingyang@qs : lmao!!! HAHAHAHA yea i've got balls!! =D and uhhh u think picture 2 nicer huh heh

> big boys oven : of cuz nice lar not i take wan hahaha wan lau hau sui meh?? wait till end of this month la we go lau hau sui at the same time yea? lolx many ppl can take pic for u la..

> tasmanian anal monster : see finally one honest comment!! lmao THANKS!! =D other people muz learn from this person k?? hehehehe

> quachee : owh tell dat to royalshortness/david cheong at hehe he was the 1 who take this picture =D

> blue : never famous before also wehhh....O.O

angeliCassie said...

i personally like the second pic better tooo =p got that mysterious sense to it haha you made the right choice

joshuaongys said...

> wetwetwater : ahaha die!!! those ugly ones rite hahahaha =D

> angelicassie : lolx thank you!! hahaha we all love mysterious stuffs huh?? xD

David Cheong said...

lol like that also can.... party tomorrow weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Choo Hwei Ming said...

nice.... david for DGMB next top photographer...


tasmanian anal monster said...

famous blogger? you cant even say STUFF without sounding like a primary school retard.

the plural for STUFF is just STUFF and the only time you see an S behind STUFF is when it's a verb.

the tasmanian anal monster has spoken

joshuaongys said...

> david cheong : YAY PARTY!! hahaha

> choo hwei ming : wehhh dgmb got many top photographer la lidat haha

> tasmanian anal monster : famous blogger? who are u referring to HMMMMM!!!! =D

ahahaha nyway thanks for the free lesson!! =)

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