Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Night with Smiles and Sweat

It was HsuJen's night, she owns the night for that day. 19th of September 2008.

Yes i know, this post should be done a long long time ago. A very very very backdated post, like one month ago. lmao

Sorry HsuJen. Hahaha.
*not sincere at all i know *shy*

It was a night where we celebrated HsuJen's birthday. =D

She actually booked part of this place, reserving the whole place just for her birthday for that night, a very nice place @ Jaya 1.

perisik spy Brisik Cafe.

If you happen to go to Jaya 1, i would recommend you this place, HsuJen always have good taste and i agree with her. I love this place where the environment and food were pretty good. *thumbs up*

HsuJen with her Favourite. xD

So we had a nice meal, chatting here and there...

yadda yaadddaaaa bla bla bla.....

soon, we sang the birthday song to her..

with her blushing up on the chair hahahhahahaa and then later on, David came out with his small little wicked plan holding a bouquet of flowers which...

made HsuJen blushed even more!! aha... xD

arent they a cute couple together?? =D

then we conducted a small little photo taking session with the superstar HsuJen herself... A lot of fans came up to her to take picture with her.....

HsuJen with her classmates/collegemates/personal friends gahhhh....

Kelli, Josephine, Nigel, Pam, David, Yatz, Thomas, ShengMae, Aaron, Me

HsuJen with the peeps... xD


We were there chilling for quite song time and we discussed in what to do after that. A decision that made us ending in a sweating position.

we went to Lap Sap at Palate Palette. O.O

dance dance jump jump la la la sweat here sweat there ha ha ha

and yea we camwhore

and camwhore

and camwhore even more...


Nuff Pics of us camwhoring haha

and so, it was HsuJen's night, a night with smiles on multiple faces with everyone getting hot and sweaty....

Glad you enjoyed yourself on that day!! =)


H a h ! ! ! G a h ! ! ! B l e h ! ! ! E e e e ! ! ! U r r r m m m m ! ! ! B o o ! ! !

*pictures by Nigel, Kelli


carrie said...

Such great place to hang out! Loving the atmosphere lots!

joshuaongys said...

> carrie : owh you went there before?? yeaa the place is very very nice hehhe

KentuckyGal said...

Looks like y'all know how to party!

joshuaongys said...

> kentuckygal : yes haha

l a b e l s


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