Sunday, October 26, 2008

Advertlets Sucks. Yes? No?

I don't know why, but someone came into my blog early this month and left a comment on one of my post complaining about Advertlets.

Screenshot of the complaint. Refer below for the whole complaint.

I assume that this specific person really hates Adverlets very very much. Personally i've heard many many negative comments and stories about Advertlets and the founder Josh Lim as well. But i myself haven get into a situation where i HATE advertlets as much as these people, so i am in no position to judge/tell how BAD/GOOD is advertlets.

The one thing i know leh which is very true is when one person tells about a story, maybe nobody will believe. But when 10, 20, 50, 100 people tells about the same related story, people will eventually believe it and they will refer the story back to themselves and overexaggerate it.

Personally, i have no idea whether people did exaggerate and add oil/salt/cili padi on their complaints or not and i don't care because i have too many other stuffs to care about. =)
-complaint start- so pissed off with advertlets..damn.they never paid me since april 2008! the status said SENT,but i havent receive any.then i checked out couple of months later,still UNPAID.FYI now i have more than RM1000 in my account.but,ive just removed advertlets ads on my site after months of waiting (6 months).the real problem is they keep on beating around the system sucks matter how much you contact them.lastly they just ignored you! damn.

i know,they gave lame excuse of click know what? ive received thousand bucks from Google Adsense without having single problem related to click fraud.we all know Google has a very reputable plus advanced technologies to detect click fraud.

im willing to DESIGN graphics related to this matter,FREELY! email me at for details.

let ALL MALAYSIAN BLOGGERS know advertlets is SUCK!! and lets show what we bloggers can do!!

adverlets suck!

-complaint end-

willing to design graphics related to this matter some more whoa...


So this complaint above will just be a reference for you.
Believe it or not its up to you. =)
*i still wonder why this person left this comment on my blog...


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure. I've never tried advertlets. =P

Still with nuffnang.

Sheng Li said...

Its true. And they pay in 3 decimal places too. God knows what currency they are using that pays 0.001 a day.

And after you complain, your earnings for the next week would be higher than usual. Then it goes back to normal.

I forgo 60 bucks to be a Glitterati member. Cibai advertlets.

Hurley said...

yea...alot of bad things I heard. doesn't affect me tho since my traffic is insignificant to be affected.

I guess that complaint was published here for free publicity, since you are quite a guy from the blogosphere =P

hafreze said...

advertlets such a cibai. I only received once, and the second one wouldn't know where it goes to.

i'm still waiting for the 2nd cheque, which was withdraw 2 months ago.

I never look back, change to Nuffnang, naa..within 2 weeks already earn 50 bucks..ok what..

TNH said...

i do read from forum that saying about to nuffnang,they are really not my choice...from what i read is that their payment is exstreamly slow...

pikey said...

i did the same, left Advertlets and join NN to be a GLiteratti members. With all these complains on Adv, i have no confidence with them anymore.

karhoe said...

I had to wait 6-7 months to get my cheque, they asked me a bunch of questions, I replied.

Then they said they 'audited' my account and only willing to release RM60 from the RM100 I cashed out.

I waited for 2 months, emailed them again, and guess what, they 'interrogated' me once again, asking me the SAME bunch of questions.

I replied them, referring them to the earlier ticket, still 1 month didnt reply me.

I finally emailed the big boss, Josh Lim and he got it solved for me, promised that the cheque would reach by a certain date but it still came one day later.

Seriously punctuality and customer service is not in their dictionary

Kuzco said...

Did he post his blog address?

Jeffro said...

woah.. joshua.. for a moment i tot u hated advertlets.. hahaha..

nways, im guessing the reason he sent u that, is cause he believes u'll help him voice out? or that u'll join him in the crusade of design an Anti-Advertlets Banner? or is just a simple voicing out to everyone, but others just seem to ignore it?

lol.. so many guessings ei? ^_^

Big Boys Oven said...

I heard about scam going around with advertlet but never had subscribe them so I don't know, I start with NN, got no problem, even got the chance to meet the NN Boss too! My money keep increasing in NN!

Simon Seow said...

Er.. because the comment is a spam bot? It just randomly choose blog to leave the comment. Since, your comment doesn't require image authentication.

iyliaaaa (: said...

i received a payment from advertlets before. so i believe it's not a scam.

Eggiinespiiggy said...

I'm not sure if Advertlets is a scam .. i did tried advertlets before and just cashed out 2 months ago ... and the person in charged told me that the cheque will arrive before 10th Nov .. i wonder if i will receive it :\

goldfries said...

I think you should read my 4 part mini-series about Advertlets .... and Nuffnang of course.


Teddy said...

how come u can use both nuffnang & google adsense at the sametime on a blog?

i tot nuffnang said if u use other ads, then u r not a glitterati member then u cant use innit.. but u can use innit wor? how come?

Dance Aficionado said...

Dear Teddy,

You can sign up with Google Adsense without losing your "Glitterati" status but if you sign up with other local advertising agencies you will lose your "Glitterati" status.

Best Wishes,

Dance Aficionado

Simon Shashi said...

Hi, i also face the same problem here.. After sent more than 10 emails to them they send me first cheque which is RM100 and there is RM300 over is pending for more than few months.. I already send more than 10 emails to them but no reply..

And the last email i send to the Founder of Advertlets, and they replied me saying will reissue my cheque soon and its already 3 weeks..

will wait for another 1 month and see wat they going to do...

Nuffnang is really superb, they send their first cheque as they promised.. Now i have remove all my Adverlets ads from all my blogs..

joshuaongys said...

> kenwooi : lolx i've tried before and removed long time ago because of their script prob last time

> sheng li : AHAHAHA i know about the 3 decimal place thingy!! HAHAHHA

aya nvm la 60 bucks is ok ahahaha this person who complaints lost 1k

> hurley : aiya dont la say ur traffic lidat =) and no la i'm not quite a guy from the blogosphere, i'm nobody.. O.O

> hafreze : at least u received once weh lolx i heard many ppl didnt even get their first one!

> tnh : yes, my fren say more than 6 months de... very slow

> pikey : i kind of scare also actually with tat much sources saying that adv is THAT bad, thats why i only have NN ads now

> karhoe : lolx there're many insider stuffs for that case of urs lar hahaha u nid to find out the info on othr blogs, lolx i've read it before hahaha similar cases!

> kuzco : his nickname did lead to a blog but its empty!

> jeffro : ahaa no la i dont hate someone or something dat easily lolx and ahaha i actually did help to voice out huh? hahahaha i'm bad at designing lar!! how can i join him in the crusade kekekekeke

> big boys oven : lolx u shall tell me dat part of story in a few days more! haha

> simon seow : is it???!!! i see.... hmmmm

> iyliaaaa : yes there're ppl like you who received before so i try to be neutral on this blog post =D

> eggiinespiiggy : HOPE U GET THE CHEQUE!! =)

> goldfries : i think i've read ur part before hahaha

> teddy : lolx someone have answered ur question

> dance aficionado : thanks for answering lolx

> simon shashi : THAT is why more people tends to stick with nuffnang more =D cheers!

RealGunners said...

the reason they leave comment in ur blog is bcz u r fehmes, hahahaha.. u telah dipergunakan XD

joshuaongys said...

> realgunners : i'm not O.O

QuaChee said...

i thought this was old news lol. use neither of them now. google ads for me :)

joshuaongys said...

> quachee : well yes indeed its an old one.. buthen....

shawn said...

Dont be the next victims...

joshuaongys said...

> shawn : =D

Marc said...

I have to say i identify with you/(& whoever is claiming Advertlets is scam) totally because I also have such an experience with Advertlets.

After I did a paid write up for Advertlets and posted the article on my blog, I wasn't paid at all.

And I have written in to them so many times, but yet there was not a single news till now.

And did I mention that this issue happened 6 months ago?

Yup, till now, I have not heard from Advertlets, and I have since removed all the Advertlets ads on my blog!

Advertlets = SCAM!

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