Monday, October 06, 2008

UGDN : New Street Dance Academy in Taipan

Last Friday, i was in this place @ Taipan. One of the branches of Urban Groove Street Dance Academy. A new one actually, just a few months old.

Urban Groove Dance Network

No sadly i do not know how to dance and do not have any knowledge on hip hop/street dance. I was there as i fetched my mom, bro and sis there so i just hang out there.

Apparently, there was this Street Dance Festival where there're a few classes offered in 3 days span(3-5 Oct 08) by a few instructors including Joel Tan the founder of UGDN as well as 3 instructors from Vibe Dance all the way from the Philipines.

View some of the workshops in progress below.

Was the workshop interesting/nice/awesome? I have no idea as i did not participate in it, i'm just somehow related to these stuffs. xD but what from i see, it was interesting. Esp the night they had last night where i heard that there were performances by the instructors themselves.

Urban Groove used to have A LOT of branches and i mean really ALOT(around 10) and with that amount of branches, there're alot of instructors as well. One of them is Fellest Yan whom i've blogged about in my previous post on H-Factor.

If you're involved in the happening scene in Malaysia years ago and have not heard of Urban Groove before then you might as well bang your head on the wall. They were one of the most happening group of dancers in Malaysia for the last few years, winning competitions at its peak and started appearing in various events performing their stunning moves and they were even exposed under the media for countless times.

One of the group that used to outshine any other people when they stepped their foot into some specific club that's what i heard.


was in the past and after some really stormy days, things were not the same anymore. Like i've merely mentioned in my post on H-Factor before, i might or might not blog about that "drama" that happened that caused Urban Groove to shattered into pieces which made everything reverting back to square one for UGDN. =X

Anyway, thats not the main point of this post.

The main point is NOW, there's a new branch operating in Taipan, Subang (same row as Station 1 Cafe in Taipan). For those who're staying around that area and is interested in Street/HipHop Dance, you can enrol yourself to one of the class/workshop you're interested in.

Most of the other branches were closed down due to the break out and now these are the only branches left including the new one in Taipan which is still operating.

Branches :
Sunway : 45-3 Jln PJS 11/28B Bandar Sunway 46150 Petaling Jaya
Subang : No 7 2nd Floor USJ10/16 47620 Subang Jaya
Kepong : No 31-1 Jln Prima 7 Pusat Niaga Metro Prima Kepong 52100 Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hour : Everyday 3PM-10PM except Tuesday

Dance is not really my thing but well that doesn't means that its not your thing as well so if you are really interested please do approach the people below. =D

Contacts :
Joel : 012- 3896568
Alyssa: 016-5684466
Ms Gan : 012-3231255


desmondch said...

one of my friends work at there..~
dancing instructors..

Anonymous said...

Interesting article!

Dance Aficionado

joshuaongys said...

> desmondch : hehehe good good then u can learn some from your friend!!

> anonymous : thanks =)

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