Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Canon Launches 38 New Products

Thanks to Nigel, i attended the "Canon Consumer Product Grand Launch 2008" which was held in Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel.

Just last week on the 7th October 2008.

It was a record launching with 38 products from the Consumer Imaging and Information Division by Canon.

As usual, in an event like this, there will be speeches..

and with bloggers there....

they will take pictures here and there....

Soon, the speeches end and there was a presentation of the 38 new products by a few male and female models.

one of the MDG girls was there as well....

Alright, skip the models and focus on the products alright.

For those people who shares the interest of most bloggers, this might just be the thing for you

Canon Compact Cameras

Power Shot A1000 IS

Power Shot SX110 IS

Power Shot E1



For more advanced photography users, these 2 is in line..

Canon DSLRs



For those who love making home made videos, you could consider this

Canon Camcorders



For God knows what reason, this is the first time Canon launching a series of totally new product which is the series of Binoculars..

so, for those who love spying on people, here you are

Canon Binoculars

BINO 8X25 IS & BINO 10X30 IS


BINO 15X50 IS AW & BINO 12X36 IS2

Of course, these are not the only products there were scanners and printers as well, here is the numbers of Canon Products
1. 11 Cameras ( 9 Compact Cameras and 2 DSLR Cameras )
2. 3 High definition Cameras
3. 6 Binoculars
4. 2 Selphy Printers
5. 3 Single Function Printers
6. 6 All in One Printers
7. 3 Scanners

You could find more information on these blogs, Especially Stanley who blog about the full pricing of the 38 products launched.
Goh Kel Li
Stanley Wong

Photo taking session is a must as well for such events and most of the time

i will focus on taking such pictures below...

HAHAHA, i just love doing so...

a Q&A session was conducted as well and with us bloggers being in a much more lower status than the celebrity blogger kennysia himself, we eventually kept our mouth shut and left the scene =D

these are the bloggers there : MikeYip, StanleyWong, Me, Yatz, Kelli, Thomas

For more information, you could always go to to find more detail information on the 38 new products that was just launched.

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*apparently NatalieFong was one of the model for Canon in that event and i failed in noticing her. =X


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