Thursday, October 09, 2008

review on KAMI

Just last week, i watched this locally made film starring a few local young artists(i guess i can call them so).


Its a story of a friendship between 5 person.

Apparently, this story on the friendships was filmed and released as series on Malaysian Television before-found it out when i mentioned that i've watched this movie to my girl lolx.. Bad me, i've not watched TV for like centuries already as i could get all the entertainment and news i want through my desktop computer. So unlike most people who are in the cinema, i have no idea who is who and what is their relationship like BEFORE i watch the movie.

So yea, this review will be written base on my view on this movie as an individual movie itself.

and from what i understand after watching it, the relationship among the 5 of them is quite complicated. With a few of them having some really dark past and there's like A liking B and B liking C then blablabla etc.

The storyline is pretty good for me as a locally made film. We do not compare local films with oversea films as there is no such need to compare, so FOR ME, it is consider as good already.

and actually, i find some part really funny, not some, but quite many scenes that made me laugh and i am starting to accept local movies already =)

viewing it and understand it from a slightly different POV than viewing other movies. I like KL Drift and now i like this movie. Heee.

The music used in the movie was by local bands as well. Cool Stuffs. Interesting as well.

One thing i was attracted to this movie is this 2 actress above. YES i do find them attractive. They would be BIG one day, if they know how to do it. Just like Sharifah Amani who is doing well in Malaysian film industry. =)

A movie which tells about 5 person dealing with various problems, family problems, bad influenced by friends, relationship problems, conflict within him/herself and how they helped each other and protecting each other. Laughters, Conflicts, Problems, Past, Tears and all shared together.

A movie that i would recommend you to watch in the cinemas. One is because i think its good in a way(DO NOT COMPARE WITH OVERSEA FILMS), Two is because i do think we should support local made films and if you asked me personally, i will say that this movie is worth watching in the cinema for RM10.

Good Job by the team who made this movie. xD

My rating for this movie is 7/10

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Shaqira said...

i love diz movie 2..
bt act,for a first time director,this movie is really a bomm!
we really need diz kind of movie..
not a sad crying n 'jiwang' love malay movie though..

BLue said...

some of my favorite ads/movie are directed by talented YA, if you support Local Industries you might know who am I talking about XD

joshuaongys said...

> shaqira : yeps, for a 1st time director, its good =D yes yes we need dis kind of movie that have values cheers

> blue : lolx i support but in a different way la, not in a way that i'll go in and understand and know more stuffs de... hehehe am supporting and interested in too much stuffs. xD

Jordan said...

You know what sucks? MY INTERNET!

Sorry gotten drifted away.

joe said...

For those who didnt watch this movie yet, please do it now..haha Satisfaction Guarantee
"Support Our Local Acts"

joshuaongys said...

> jordan : ahaahahahaha is okay =D

> joe : lolx seems like many people who watch this is happy with it huh hehe

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