Thursday, October 09, 2008

It was Quite A Day

Was celebrating Yew Weng's birthday @ T.G.I Fridays in Curve earlier in the night just now.

a simple dinner with a simple present and that's enough to put a smile on his face. *laughs*

went for a movie after the dinner - The Disaster movie which is really a DISASTER. O.O


Happy Birthday to Yew Weng!!!


Rewinding back a few hours before the dinner, i was out with this girl whom i consider myself quite close with hahaha. She went to Liverpool for a short Degree program in the past few months and i've been missing her since then and now, she's finally back for good and yes at last i get to meet her today.

We talked about many stuffs, took many pictures and watched a movie - Accuracy of Death and i think its a pretty good movie. =)

the whole meeting with her was pretty fun hehehehe. Enjoyed it pretty much. =D

That pretty sums up my day oh and before if forgot, Industrial Training ended officially already and this week is the 1st week of my new semester in TARC. wheeeeeee

Have to finished up a 20+ page research in these few days and i'm starting to have white hairs growing already.

*i feel quite weird actually these few days, first it was yesterday that 1 person called me up to ask me out as he's down with his recent resignation of his job. Second, it was just now only that another different person called me up to ask me where am i and i guessed he need accompany as well because i came home finding out that he just broke up. Sad Case. 2 Examples given is more than enough, it seems that many people are having a really bad time these few days. Thanks to the long break last week huh? =X

Back to my research. ='(

* if any of you both do read this post, i hope that you'll be fine soon!!
tcare n God Bless


Siu KeOnG said...

happy bday fei G....

joshuaongys said...

> siu keong : lolx go tell him la!!

阿棗陳 said...

u know wat lou kong... my lobak key chain in de pic lost edi!!! sob sob!!! it lost in bali!!! sob!!!!

joshuaongys said...

阿棗陳 : harr.... den how har... when i see u sayang u bek ok?? =)

l a b e l s


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