Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some Scenes & a Review on DragonBall Movie??

Its been quite some time since i last checked out this website

One of the newest Movie Poster.

This is the website i got some of the latest news from the Dragon Ball Movie which is coming out in 2009.

and there's a few updates on the movie itself.

View the video below. One of the scenes from the movie. Though less than 10 seconds but still...

and by viewing the video on YouTube itself leads to a whole lot more selections of videos which some are obviously fake ones and some claimed to be the official trailer of the movie. O.O

Like this

Among all the videos i've watched this interests me the most.

PAY ATTENTION FROM 1.00 onwards.

Interesting? To me it is definitely interesting as this is one of the rare story i followed reading the whole set of 40+ comics again and again (i seldom repeat on the comics i read).

A click on this link simply directs me to foxmovies official website which means their official website is not up yet. Sigh.

OH and yea apparently someone claimed to have watched the movie already and this is part of the review.
1) Action - I wasn’t expecting the action scenes to be as awesome as they were. Simply put the best thing about this movie. The last action scene of Goku vs. Picollo are simply amazing and when picollo takes out his huge fucking ass sword with weird rectangle shape tablet attached it at the tip of sword and slamming it on goku was fucking awesome. Lot of blowing shit up, super cool flying scenes, awesome ki blasts. This fight scene was around 13-15 minutes long. There are other small action scenes that are fun and entertaining with slo mo but nowhere as good as the picollo vs. goku scene.

3) Justin Chatwin as Goku. This guy surprised me a lot. I really didn’t like him when they casted him as goku but he did a damn good job in the acting department and he nailed the KAMEHAMEHA line.

4) Oozaru - the giant monkey is in the movie. Goku turns into a 8-9 feet tall giant baboon when he looks at the moon. It was awesome looking though a bit CGI. Maybe they will fix it later.

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When the news first break out with the casts revealed, i was as disappointed as many of the Dragon Ball fans out there. Reading at the review written gave me a little bit of smile on my face. I would definitely go to the cinemas even if its only for the fight between Goku and Picollo!!

Damn next year will be a really wicked year as there're MANY MANY nice movies going to the big screen. Movies like Terminator4, Spiderman4, Transformer2, G.I JOE and many more. Go check them out on the internet! xD

I have no idea how true is it on the video clips and the review posted above but anyways...

I'm Excited.


Sean Bein said...

I have a strong feeling that all dragon ball fans will be disappointed with this movie.Because of its low budget production and their fight graphics are a lot similar to those as of Power Rangers.I'll give it a try though if I can rmb,thanks for posting about this.Well done!

acura said...

I am worried that the end product will not necessarily reflect the awesome comics. But still, I am willing to gv it a chance. I will be in the cinemas when this come out

joshuaongys said...

> sean bein : aha for sure will be disappointed already just dont put much hope in it den maybe it will turn out to be a nice movie hahah

and ehhh its low budget production huh??? hmmm lets wait till nex year yea hehe

> acura : same thought here buthen yea i'll still watch it in cinemas when its out =D

Neo said...

Oh... looks like a good movie to look out for.

joshuaongys said...

> neo : hope so!! xD

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