Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Blueserver is BACK!! BSv4

Its been ages since i last played Dota over the net on my this very computer at home, accessing Blueserver the many times each day, sending/accepting various nudges and online msges on MSN among my group of diploma college mates to login BS.

I was a hardcore Dota player at home during my diploma years 2-3yrs ago. Though i still play it early this year, the frequency of me playing it at home decreases with me going out more and more in the past few months and at last i stopped playing the game followed with the closing down of Blueserver. =(

I was shocked to hear the news 2 months ago. I've started playing Dota since the early days of the creation of Blueserver, in fact i learned how to combine items and use different characters in Blueserver itself.

Since then, i've been playing it like mad day and night and i'm pretty sure i played average 10 games per day during in one specific period at the peak of my crazy days back then.

Anyway, the closing down of Blueserver brought disappointment to the players of Blueserver and all we had is just some updates on the BS Blog bsvr.blogspot.com leaving most of the players with only 3 options.

1. Play in the lame server GG Client which have many lamers
2. Go to the nearest Cyber Cafe and play.
3. Fight AI yourself. Sad Case.

Thanks to Evert Chin who have 20k++ views on his user profile on Blogger, the same person who founded Blueserver all by himself years ago. He managed to revive Blueserver, BSv4, but its already very very different.

and so now, players can gather together again to play Dota in a different server that used to be maintained by the people in BS. This specific plan that Megablue a.k.a Evert Chin is working on recently is part of a bigger picture which also provides server hosting for other games like Starcraft : Broodwar and Counter Strike.

and this is one of the interesting statement that caught my attention.
We'll not be using the old database from Blueserver v3 due to some major changes in the system setups. Yet we will still providing a way for you to communicate with the old members from Blueserver so that you can inform them about your new nickname in UCpro.
Source : bsvr.blogspot.com
I'm really interested in how far can Megablue go with this whole new "project". We'll see. =)
*i read that the new registration system will involve sms verification through handphone.Interesting xD

and so now the games that are hosted on their servers are on BETA Testing mode.

Do go ahead and try it if you're interested.

So yea, Blueserver is back!! As UC-Pro. O.O

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BLue said...

BLueserver XD

YingYang@QS said...

Visit the forums once in a while xD

=chuanguan= said...

pew pew...cant wait for it

YingYang@QS said...

its out already laah -.- beta stage testing

joshuaongys said...

> blue : hehehehe u play wan hor

> yingyang@qs : lolx i damn long didnt visit d and yesh i know its on beta testing d

> =chuanguan= : play gg first la

YingYang@QS said...

nono. I was talking to cg.


We need more players T______T and forumers.

joshuaongys said...

> yingyang@qs : lolx hahaha no wonder lar!!! hehehe i try la to talk more in forums nex time hehe

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