Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i Film Indie - The Gathering

One fine Saturday.

Headed to this beautiful hidden place in Kuala Lumpur to attend a gathering.

18 October 2008.

The Gathering @ KLPAC, a gathering for the indie peeps.

Just the 5 of us - Me, Kelli, HsuJen, David and of course the one who took this photo, Nigel.

Upon arriving, we went upstairs

and waited for the thing to start as we chat, laugh and took pictures...

HsuJen, Kelli

repeating the same process over and over again in every occasions and places, we'll never get bored of taking pictures

Nigel, Me

we didn't wait long for the thing to start. =)

a short introduction by Michael, the founder of ifilmindie.com

some clips for the participants

and a few songs by the lead singer of a Nokia IAC band, The Deserters

Actually right, you can ignore all the stuffs above as i know its part of my boring life, the only thing that might really interest you here is this.

There's a new .com website for Malaysians. Founded with the intention to surface the indie scene of Malaysia to the public and let more people know about the people.

www.ifilmindie.com is basicly a platform, a center for those independent film makers to promote the films they made, in full length or just some short film on a specific theme and etc, you could share it all out on the website.

There're a lot of hidden talents in the city, in Malaysia and they need a place to publish their work, music bands can do it @ Nokia IAC. For independent Film makers, here is your place.


*photos credits to David & Nigel.


yapthomas said...

why i dunno about this event want.!!??

ROFL until can die.. muahaha

ROFL again..
and again..

-___- okay.. roger and out..

btw, back to relevancy. I like indie films.. :D

joshuaongys said...

> yapthomas : ahaha its the same day nigel asked for the video making class wor... u no free is it blehh..

commonjack said...

hi Joshua,

Thanks very much for attending THE GATHERING.

Your support is truly appreciated. Now I suddenly feel inspired to do another one soon! :)



Founder of www.ifilmindie.com

joshuaongys said...

> commonjack : you're welcome =D

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