Saturday, October 11, 2008

Broadband and Politics

All of a sudden, something hit my mind....

There's something similar between the Broadband Services and Politics in Malaysia.

First imagine Anwar as WiMAX broadband service and the Government as Streamyx broadband service.

Both the Government and Streamyx have been dominating in Malaysia for a long long time.
Both Anwar and WiMAX just made people aware of them and made their voice heard not long ago.

Anwar looks promising at first. WiMAX looks promising at first.
Now Anwar looks like an empty treasure box.(giving promises he cant achieve)
Now WiMAX looks crappy as i can only hear news coming out from p1's side.(where're the other 3 distributors??)

Anwar is trying very hard to fight against the long dominance of Government's fault by giving various thoughts and statements and proves.
P1, one of the distributor of WiMAX is trying very hard to fight against the long dominance of Streamyx including producing various videos that critics Streamyx broadband service indirectly.


You want more? Go think of it yourself hahaha =D

and apparently, P1 came out with a video clip, one of the advertisement posted on the internet through YouTube to promote WiMAX and the title is.......



*I wonder when only will Malaysia be a better place to stay..
**I am still wondering what happen to the other 3 distributor of WiMAX


simplyjacy said...

i'd vote for limited government and more freedom to people!

hope you're having a good day!

acura said...

How did you come up with a comparison like that? haha very creative of you

I think competition will be good for both sides. We will be the one who benefit in the end ^~^

joshuaongys said...

> simplyjacy : limited government hahaha define dat?? more freedom to ppl sounds good and aha i hope i'm having a good day too wehh... thx nyway...

> acura : not tat creative lar... just simply crapping around nia.... and hope dat what u say is true bah that we will be the one who benefit in the end.. cheers!!

HawaiiRelocation said...

well i wonder why politics effect everything

l a b e l s


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