Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kelli's Birthday!!

A birthday post that was 2 weeks delayed.

It was Miss Goh's birthday celebration. At a place with the name Vary Pasta which is very hidden to me in somewhere across ATRIA which is located in Damansara Jaya. =D

The people who attended was

Josephine, Yatz, BdayGirl, Nigel

HsuJen, David, Aaron and me


Nigel as the OV.

and David as the OP....................

Before the food came, Kelli was playing around with Nigel's toy

and good thing we did not wait too long for them to serve the food...

and well, after the food came, Kelli was still playing with Nigel's toy... So, throughout the whole "makan" session, Nigel have to concentrate on the food and give up on his toy. At first, he was quite emo and squatted in a corner of the place just under the basin having a hard moment trying very hard to smile.

but soon, with the help of other people, he came back to his seat and started smiling with...

NOT 1!!!


okay i was just playing around with the pictures as those pictures were nice but i don't know what else can i talk about hahaha..

Anyways, Nigel was doing his job at his best by taking many many scenes

The cake came not long after we finished the food, Good Job by both Aaron and I.... hahahahha

and we got Kelli a present which is so cool if you're one of the hardcore disney fans!!

Kelli is!!! =D

Just look how happy she was!!! =)

Simple but nice birthday celebration hehe.

and yea, Nigel & Kelli did not fight larrrrrr!!!! =)

btw Go Check out the Birthday Videos in the links below!! DAMN NICE!

*now i have a serious headache on what to go as this Saturday. To the Halloween Party.Hmm

*pics by DavidCheong & Kelli


Yatz said...

u should dress as swat team wtf..

kellster said...

what kinda innit title is this!
mana ada gaduh gaduh?

nanti people misunderstand sial
but nice post dude
HAHAHAHA and yesh i was very the happy :)

joshuaongys said...

> yatz : like that day dat guy in curve?? no.... i'll be sweating....

> kellster : i was wondering about something dats why i put dat hehehe will tell u on msn =D

and yesh glad that you're happy!!

electronicfly said...

O.o it's in DJ? never seen it before one...

joshuaongys said...

> electronicfly : near atria de!

l a b e l s


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