Sunday, October 19, 2008

review on Accuracy of Death 死神の精度

Yet another movie that not many would prefer. Accuracy of Death 死神の精度.

Its about the special group of beings, named as Shinigami which in this movie having task such as judging an individual whether they deserve to die and did they fulfill their destiny in life and proceed in taking away their lives.

It is the story of a specific Shinigami, Chiba where you'll always see a dog following him that is actually supervising his job giving him the details of a specific individual that is going to pass away.

Very much interested with the music in the real world, Chiba often listen to music and will be excited whenever he listens one.

Throughout the movie, Chiba was sent to judge a few people's life and all the the people were related somehow.

related to this girl. Kazue Fujiki.

It is a meaningful movie if you ask me and i think that although the storyline is pretty slow with no climax...

i do find some part entertaining that made me laugh. =D

Oh yea, at the end of the story, Chiba gets to experience a day without rain. Nice. Hee.

As usual, review done as simple as possible without revealing too much stuffs from the movie. I like this movie. xD

My rating for this movie is 7/10


ZAJA Natural said...

I will be checking this out. Thanks for the recommendation. I just finished watching Death Note. That was pretty cool. So much like the comic series.

joshuaongys said...

> zaja natural : death note was awesome!!! ahah but dont compare this movie with death note yea... =D

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