Tuesday, October 14, 2008

End of internship and Back to TARC

Its been 2 weeks since i officially completed my internship. To be exact my industrial training ended on the last day of September 2008. I would say that it's an interesting 6 months journey.

Even before i get into the company, i directed and acted in a drama myself, thanks to the idiot from my college. I started my industrial training very successfully with not ONE but TWO theft incident which happens to involve some of my friend's laptop. =)

Oh and you know, it just rocks that the nearest eating place is under a freaking flyover where the environment is so "clean"..... furthermore there're like inifinity cars going on top of you when you're having your meal practically below the cars.....

and so, we had a few food hunting journeys and yes we found some other place within walking distance, but you have to walk for like 10 minutes under the hot sun and pass by some roads that have high traffic...

and so, from time to time, we did this above....

Skipping those parts, we celebrated a few birthdays

Know what? I'm just gonna stop the story here and then move on...

There're lots of idiotic stuffs being done by mainly ONE person in the company and there're many funny and interesting experience as well, there're negative comments but there're positive ones as well. Positive ones are mainly because i have a bunch of fun and playful colleagues (same batch of college mates who went in for intern).

I'm not going to reveal the company name or the person's name as I already feel like i'm some annoying ranting machine already hahaha. So that's the story of my industrial training.

Back to College.

Studies resume officially since last Monday, but being the typical lazy student, the first week which doesn't include tutorials and practicals leaving alone lectures going on is a ponteng week for most Tarcians. Yes i skipped a number of lectures and stayed at home but on the other hand i was doing one of my seminar research study for the past few days.

A topic which might seem easy for some people out there, my study was on Content Management System and Weblog/Blog as CMS. Found some really interesting facts such as :

In 1999 the number of blogs was estimated at under 50, at the end of 2000, estimates ranged into the thousands (TheNewYorker,13 November, 2000). Less than 3 years later, such estimates range from 2.4 million to 4.1 million (Henning, 2003).

In 2004, There are over a million bloggers, posting approximately 275,000 new items daily(Drezner, 2004, p4).

In 2005, A blogger claimed that he is earning a 6 figure income-note in USD from Google Adsense.

and part of my job is to link all these facts with how a Content Management System work. CMS such as Wordpress, Movable Type, Blogger, Xanga and etc.

Did i get you bored? Sounds interesting? Haha well, it is an interesting topic but i believe the outcome of my whole 20++ pages research isn't that impressive. I just know it don't ask me why. HAHA.

Going back to college makes me feel weird after i've stopped for 6 whole months, some stuffs remain the same, some stuffs have changed, stuffs as small as there's no more porridge in canteen 1 in the morning and stuffs as big as shown in the picture above.

My first lab session(tutorial) in this semester was an interesting one. Everyone know that TARC is so rich and this is one of the prove that shows so, look at the monitor screen above. They actually get many many brand new facilities for the students, well its a good thing.

Why i say its an interesting session is because so...

Tutor : So, you all got your tutorial questions right?
My Class students : *silent*
Tutor : Alright you all copy down the questions first.....
Some of my Class students : *whispering around that how come this tutor dont know how to share the file over the network arh...*
Tutor : So, last week the lecturer teach till which part already?
My Class students : *silent*
Tutor : Erm did you all attend the lecture??
Some of my Class students : Yes but...
Tutor : Teach till where?? Do you all have the lecture notes with you all?
My Class students : nooo...
Tutor : *find the lecture documents on his pendrive* Eh How to share the file over the network ah?


Its Distributed Computer System Class

That's all bah on leaving internship and going back to classes....

On a totally unrelated matter, i've watched Heroes S304 and Prison Break s407 and i find the storyline of Heroes quite interesting where now the Good ones became Bad ones & the Bad ones are becoming Good Ones. Then in Prison Break, the storyline though not as interesting as Season1, but i still find it pretty entertaining. Hah.

Oh and yea, Yesterday, i played basketball again after stop playing for 6 whole months. I find myself in an extremely tired state just after 2 games and that's it, i went back as it's raining already.

Nemind la, i'm a noob basketball player all these while. =D

*i wonder how many people are going to read this whole long entry o.O


Nigelais said...

I read all wor. Interesting, since when boring.


CincauHangus.com said...

wah. a networking lecturer doesnt know how to share files? -_-

angeliCassie said...

*raise hand up high* me me!i read the whole entry hehe :P

BLue said...

good information for a new blogger like me who start blogging this year by knowing some blog history, thanks~

yapthomas said...

Distributed Computer System Class summore!! wtf!

RealGunners said...

hahahahaha i am so missing Canteen 1!! it's where i used to hang out if i wanna get some freshie chicks sight wakakakaka XD

and yeah, we do get these 'sophisticated' and 'unbelievable' lecturers and tutors quite frequently =.=

joshuaongys said...

>nigelais : lmao thx haha

> cincauhangus : wan me intro u?? =D

> angelicassie : aha u crazy wan xD

> blue : you're welcome weh heheheh =D

> yapthomas : YES LAR!! stupid wan..

> realgunners : lolx i tot canteen 2 got more??? ahahahahahahah all education institute also got wan but i guess TARC got more... =X

curryegg said...

I read I read!
haha.. well, it's good to be a student again after the long break (for working). Why? Because you can keep up with your basketball practice.. kekekz...


joshuaongys said...

> curryegg : aha thanks =D HAHA as if i will la =D

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