Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hennessy Artistry @ Orange Club - Part 2

It was a last minute decision. Leaving Jen's party halfway as well as leaving aside the original plan to go to MOS Euphoria for Hed Kandi with the DGMB-ians.

Leaving the party around 9pm and arrived @ Orange Club at 9.40pm. 27th of September 2008.

Took a quick picture with Kelli and Nigel that was just covering the event and meeting people around, they left the scene earlier and headed to MOS Euphoria.

Saw many familiar faces. Took pictures with some while some others are too busy "layan-ing" other people.

Zoe, Jane, Steph K, Sue, Ren, Me, Nicholas

Jeff, Celine, Me

Wilson, ShuJian, Me

Jeff, Celine, Thomas, Me

Blog Links : Loren, Suanie, Steph K, Ginny, Nadia, Zoe, Sue

Soon i got myself lining up to wait for my turn to get in...


For those who went, you know what i meant, for those who didn't go, its not so bad afterall cause that night reminds me of walking in the halls in PC Fair.

Walking into the club...

In the club....

Soon, the first performer came out. Until June.

Followed by the next group which brought the people to another level. The DEY.

and of course, the last performer, Shayne Ward himself whom i believe that many people there attended this event just because of him, including many of my personal friends.

The performances ended with some good stuffs from the both The DEY and Shayne Ward. The DJ took over the scene playing the musics where everyone was dancing.

You can read about what i think about the performances here. Videos included in that post.

More pictures were taken that night. Snap Snap Snap....

Thomas, Nadia, Me.

Shaun, Ren, Sue, Me.

Ren, Zoe, Shaun, Sue, KY, Me

Came out from the club around 1am-2am and took more pictures... o.O

Celine, Danny, Me

Ming, Niel, Joe, HW, CY, Me, Chris, Tennyson, Yinsoon

Jane, Zoe, Sue, Shaun, StephK, Me, Ren

The night ended after a YumCha session @ Steven's Corner with a bunch of bloggers.

Lastly, I just want to take this opportunity to thanks these people - CelineLin, StephK, NicholasChay and of course Nuffnang.

To the other people i met, NICE MEETING YOU PEEPS!!



For More Pictures, Go HERE.

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BLue said...

waliao, so many leng zai leng lui T_T

joshuaongys said...

> blue : ahahah yes but not me la =)

yam9972 said...
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yam9972 said...

OMG u were there !? too bad didnt get the chance to meet u, guess we were all kinda busy , i was extremely busy taking pix & videos at the same time..

failed to call-in MIX FM so unable to attend the conference & lost the chance to meet up Shayne face to face, no fate i guess, at least i ve tried.

the drinks were really great, worth to mention though :-)

I ve created Shayne's 1st Malaysian Fans site forum launched on 16th oct(shayne's bday),just to let u know, perhaps your friends who love shayne may take a look & grab some gooddies there, the url is :

cheers, Vincent

October 17, 2008 9:45 AM

joshuaongys said...

> yam9972 : ahaha there'll always be nex time and yesh i was busy taking videos and pics also hahahaha

ahaha drinks were awesome la, free flow wehhh heheeh

owh and hope ur site will get more members!!


yam9972 said...

thx buddy.

l a b e l s


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