Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bloggers Crashing Burger King

It was just last week that this crazy gathering happened in one of the fast food restaurant in 1 Utama.

Started with a crazy last minute idea, this gathering session for dinner before a movie screening for bloggers attracted attentions from a few, i mean quite a lot of people. Check the list of people here.

The gathering is suppose to start at 6.30pm which i PURPOSELY placed that specific time on my blog knowing that Malaysian Timing is something that 90% Malaysians practiced.

and yes, people only starting gathering around 6.40pm-7pm.

These are the early ones.

Andrew, Benjamin, David, Karena, Sherry, TeckWeng

Benjamin, Jentz, Yung Chien

Andrew, Joseph, Benjamin

Apart from the orderfoodandtheneatprocess... We of course have the camwhoring moments as well!

Joseph, Sherry, Benjamin

Joshua, Sherry, YungChien

Jentz, Sherry, AndrewWong

Karena, Zoe, Sherry

More Pictures Below...... Enjoy!!





Jentz, Sherry, AndrewWong

them again

I like this picture of them smiling looking at a picture hehehe

within 1 hour time, the amount of people that was there doubled and i went O.O

so, by 8pm it became from this...

AndrewWong, Joseph, Benjamin, Jentz, YungChein, David, Karena

to this!!!

Amazing. At least to me, it is. =X

Everyone was chatting with someone else and stuffs. Well almost everyone, some just sat there quietly and stoned there sorryyarhmybadasifailedinmakingeveryonetalktosomeone....

Soon, we heaedd to the GSC one floor above..

Going up the escalator

and collecting the tickets for the movie Mamma Mia.

and taking pictures again.... o.O

and gosh i'm surprised to see a few people over there, TOTALLY UNEXPECTED!! one of them is Gladys!!


random moments of andrew and teckweng.....

going into the cinemas and getting a seat there waiting for the movie to start. With a totally mixed weird feeling resulting out of the bloggers gathering @ Burger King.

You Guys Are Awesome.
*for those people who was there and want the pictures, do email me @ joshuaongys[at]gmail[dot]com

*Check the list of people here with blog links.


Pictures Credits to :
Andrew Wong - drewnity.com
Joseph - theguynextdoorx.blogspot.com
Andrew - lifelesslol.blogspot.com


Hurley said...

sadla, I wasn't informed. Can't find somewhere easier for me to spot kah?

joshuaongys said...

> hurley : ahhh nemind k?? tonight house bunny u going?? i heard they have anthr meeting before dinner tonight!!

Raymond said...

cool gathering. wish i knew haha.

joshuaongys said...

> raymond : like i say there's another one tonight!! they organised it somewhere in curve i think!!

Ruionkoh said...

josssshh i wan the second las pic!i see me!LOL LOL can i can i? HAHA

TNH said...

the gathering look so interesting..must be lots of fun that day..it also seem like most blogger got a Pro camera..

Hurley said...

where's tonight's gathering?

Queenz said...

omg. i miss one utama so much!!
ok, next time our gathering must held at one u k!!

joshuaongys said...

> ruionkoh : i shall send to u on msn yah =D

> tnh : ahahaha yes it was fun and no la not everyone have a pro cam.. i dont have T_T

> hurley : i have no idea... i think i wont join them.... ><

> queenz : lolx sai um sai ohhh, we stay so near only hahaa

CincauHangus.com said...

wah no credit to the photographers arrr? :P

joshuaongys said...

> cincauhangus.com : lolx made a fast post in office jz now, damn hard to post pass through proxy ok!! hahahaha ehh wait u mean u and mae is it?? haha

blue_racoon said...

wah....so many ppl!!!

joshuaongys said...

> blue_racoon : xD

l a b e l s


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