Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An Awesome gathering before Nuffnang Mamma Mia Screening

It was a great night i would say. For me, Mamma Mia is good - i shall write a review on the movie itself one day. So skip that first.

anyway, the best thing of the night was this. The LAST MINUTE dinner gathering @ Burger King before the movie screening.

I was thinking that if bloggers just come and watch a movie and then leave and that's it - that would be quite sad.

But if a bunch of bloggers gather together before the movie, either having a drink or a bite and get to know other bloggers and fellowship together before proceeding to watch a movie - that would be great.

and this CAME OUT in my mind just LAST NIGHT. and i was just expecting around 10 bloggers to come.

To my amaze, around 30 ppl appeared(if i'm not mistaken-of course including the blogger's guests).


4th row - Hikaru
3th row - AuYongCK(face blocked by Mike), Thomas, Kelvin
2nd row - MikeYip, stupidLastMinutePerson, Jentzen, Teck Weng, Andrew, Benjamin, Joseph, YungChien, WilsonNg, Daniel, WaiSeng, Shaz, dunohowtospellhisname, Yatz, Josephine
1st row - Kate, Zoe, Karena, Sherry, Rachel, Andrew Wong, Joeyithink, Julian

thx superwilson for the pic

You guys are wonderful la. I think i did say hi to everyone who came, to those whom i didn't, i'm sorry. Anyway, i didn't really get to talk much to most people there other than those i knew. So, sorry again. =(

lastly, nice meeting you all and hope to catch up with you peeps sometime soon. =D
*Don't worry there'll be a more specific post on this dinner/gathering with more pictures xD

These are the people who came(in no particular order) :
*please notify me if i've miss out anybody

Jentzen - jentztan.blogspot.com
Andrew Wong - drewnity.com
Hikaru - kongfaiwar.blogspot.com
Kate - copykate.blogspot.com
Yatz's Gf Josephine
Wilson's Gf Rachel
Julian's Friend
and some people i missed out =X

and yes, to bloggers who were there during the groupshot taking session, DO VISIT THE BLOGS BELOW!! They are the 2 person helping us taking pictures with all your cameras!!

*i will compile all the pictures and upload to somewhere for you peeps to download it. I do hope i can do it soon, SO THOSE WHO HAVE PHOTOS, SEND TO ME!! =D


Yatz said...

LOL takde sherry wtf >.<

Nigelais said...

That's massive. Mo massive!

joshuaongys said...

> yatz : lolx i know and rectified it jz a few seconds i press publish wtf hahha

> nigelais : massive kah? =D

TNH said...

wow...it's really sound interesting to have a gathering with all blogger..i must take the chance in coming days..

Jentz said...

thanks for organizing! =D

joshuaongys said...

> tnh : other than taking the chance you can create it as well bah, can call and meet a few bloggers urself ma =D

> jentz : ahaaa good thing u managed to talk to a few people, if not i'll feel bad... ><

David Cheong said...

Noooo mana saya. hmph never use with me one, i demand a retake I mean a change in picture LOL!!!!!

joshuaongys said...

> david cheong : ahahaha in the full post lar you'll be there!!

Just Jasmine said...

I wasn't there... but hey thanks for the updates, Joshua!

joshuaongys said...

> just jasmine : ahaha nvm la, nex time k?? there'll be a more detail update!

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