Friday, September 05, 2008

The Amazing Spider-Trooper

Know Spiderman of Marvel??

Know Stormtroopers from StarWars??

and when they both combine...... o.O

Here comes the Amazing Spider Trooper!!!!

picture stolen from attackthis

lolololololox HAHAHAHAHAHA

this picture really made my day lah lmao!!!

Bloghopping can turn out to be really interesting at times xD
*another weekend is here!! wheeeeeeee


WeblogLearner said...

well, spidey is so famous and of course we all know that last image real? indeed cool! ^^

Wanderer... said...

go spidey and spidey addict. I love spidey but dont like you like her?

iLovPh2 said...

cool stuffs... but spiderman has retired in the least who would not know the guiness most expensive movie ever'?

joshuaongys said...

> webloglearner : lolx i think its cool, someone custom made it i GUESS... xD

> wanderer : you mean the character in the comic itself or the person who acted MJ on the big screens??

> iloveph2 : retired?? really?? i tot they are filming the nex part man....

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