Friday, September 19, 2008

Kelli's Graduation + Steamboat Session RAWKS!!

3 weeks ago, 6 August 2008, we celebrated Kel Li's graduation. Heeee!!!!!!

When i thought that i'm late as i left my house 10-15minutes late from what i've planned, i reached Sunway in 30mins. That's fast for me and good thing i reached there before they came out from the hall. Lolx

We were bored waiting outside of the hall and this is one of the stupid random thing that happened. I pointed at the door which had a small gap opened, then David went to snap some pictures..... @@

and this is one of the picture he took...... =X

anyway, the peeps came out soon enough before we became stones. Seriously, this is my first time attending a college/uni graduation. I didn't even attend my pathetic graduation after i've completed my Diploma 2 years back. Don't ask me why. O.O

Banyak Harry Potter and Mrs Potter........

Oh and soon we saw Kel Li and she look cute in the uniform wtf hahahahahhahahahaha xD

and seriously, no one there have friends in group which have the most DSLR. Other graduates only took photos with their friends using digital cameras or just handphone cameras.

g i l a w a n.



*lmao i'm the only one with digital camera among us..
the others(David,Aaron,HweiMing,Nigel,Mae) brought DSLRs.... =(
ehh wait.. hsujen do not have anything HAHAHA

DSLRs in action with me snapping their pictures treating Kelli like superstar with my pathetic digicam hurhurhur... *cries*

picta 1 - HweiMing with the chicks *jealous*

picta 2 - yes i'm in!! but its a random shot.... @@

picta 3 uh oh the chicks....

random picture of David taking random picture =X

OH AND YES!! I went to the graduation because of another person as well, Liyeng.
One of the friends i made during the YA Forum days. Long long time ago. =)

Nice meeting you again after soooooooooooooooo long!!!! Glad you're enjoying your current job and all the best!! oh and yea.. Congrats as well =D


I bumped into someone i knew!!!


a fellow PK!!! which i think we met during one of the Minister's Retreat many years ago hahahahahahaha, i miss the other PKs suddenly..... =(

Congrats to Derrick as well for his Graduation!! =D

Anyway, after that, we proceeded to the lobby and took more pictures over there!



I love this group picture we took together with Kelli's dad being the temp cameraman.

HweiMing, Aaron, David, HsuJen, Kelli, ShengMae, Me, Nigel


oh yesh and i met SuitLin as well as she was there to congrats Liyeng.
Good good. Meeting old friends. =D

alright, continue....

we headed to Yuen's Steamboat on the later with Yatz&Gf + Thomas joining us for dinner.

and steamboat sessions RAWKS ALL THE TIME because the conversations and gossips in all steamboat sessions is always extremely interesting. DGMB-ians, you know what i meant. xD

and of course, we took a group picture. AGAIN.

NICE but i still prefer the previous group picture above. *points up*

The night ended with part of us watching Ace Ventura over at Kelli's place plus more spicy topics exchanged. very the nice!!!! RIGHT PEOPLE??

and so, that's the very end of this graduation post.

Hmmmm.... I wonder if there'll be the same DSLR-photographers taking pictures for me on my graduation day next year. I do hope so of course. Hmmm. Oh and yea that's if i graduated without any failing subjects la. HAHA.

lastly, AGAIN, CONGRATS to KEL LI as well as LI YENG& DERRICK!!!!!



* pictures credits to ShengMae HweiMing Kelli and Me Myself


Cathy said...

i like the last photo =p

joshuaongys said...

> cathy : lolx i like the 1st group photo! bleh

David Cheong said...

I still love my photos hahahahaha....

Jen said...

*sobs* i am an outcast!

i go buy camera phone laaaaa wtf.

joshuaongys said...

> david cheong : gila wan u love urself more than ur gf haha

> jen : nvm u're SPECIAL!!! HAHAHHAA

Tiffanie Tan said...

last picture like doing photoshooting in studio haha..nice..

joshuaongys said...

> tiffanie tan : in open air la where got studio hahahaha

kelz said...

aww thanks for the lovely post
ahhaa love ALLLL the pics

throwing cap me alone so sad case lol.

and where got pathetic??
good candid shots okay??

thanks for being there


joshuaongys said...

> kelz : you're most welcomed!! hehehehe aiseh where got alone, throwing with us around wor hehehe

good candid shots?? *wheeeeeee*


thx? nah no problem hehe xD

Tiffanie Tan said...

i know not in studio la doink..i said like in studio...

joshuaongys said...

> tiffanie tan : lolx yes laa

jadezheng said...

kel li last picture damn funny crazy. made me laughed! got effect got that effect. hahaha!!!

sheon said...

niceness..... hahah...advid looks like he's shooting upskirts!!! hahahaha

joshuaongys said...

> jadezheng : lolx dat picture so nice meh everyone like that pic hahahahah good la made u laugh =D

> sheon : AHHH you're the only one here who noticed about david lolx everyone was attracted to the last pic. bleh hehehe

FilmAsia said...

I didn't throw the hat when i graduated last time. New style, I guess?

joshuaongys said...

> filmasia : hahaha well i have no idea ><

Kuntong said...

nice photo!

angeliCassie said...

yes i adore the last picture too...=) nice shot!

joshuaongys said...

> kuntong : thx!

> angelicassie : lolx nice photoshop u mean?? ahahahaha

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