Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Letter To Daddy! HAHA

My friend send me this image earlier in the afternoon today, a letter published in the newspaper 2 years ago

Don't Understand??

Here's the Translation :
A letter to Daddy
One day, a father passed by his son's room and realize that the door was open. He was puzzled because all these while, the room will be in a mess, but today, its all tidy and clean.

Walking into the room, he found an envelope with a letter in it in the middle of the bed with the title to daddy.

Shivering, he opened the letter and started reading.

Dear Daddy, i am writing this letter with a heavy heart in sadness. First of all, i want to thank you, for taking care of me for all these 15 years, i wont forget it my whole life. I am forced to run away with AhWen.

Leaving without informing, is because i cant stand seeing you and me quarreling, hope you understand my feelings

I really do love AhWen, though you all cant stand seeing her piercing nose and belly, the tattoo on her backside, but this is what we youngsters like, both you and mom wont understand.

She said its alright and she still respect the both of you although you all dislike her.

The love between us is not only about lust, its about the very real feelings, although she's much more elder than me, but she don't mind, and i'm very clear that we will love each other for the rest of our lives.

AhWen is already pregnant, you all will be grandpa and grandma soon, its something worth being happy with, AhWen and i won't stop having babies yet, she say she want to have a few more babies for me.

Please don't be worry about our lives, in the village that we're heading to, we could grow some marijuana and sell to our friends, and in exchange we could get some cocaine and heroine.

In this process, i hope that these drugs could reduce her pain, i hope that one day, she could recover from Aids. She will.

Yous Son, AhDan


Daddy, the things i wrote, its all not true, please don't worry, i'm currently playing console games at my friend's place, i do not have a girlfriend and i don't drink. I'm just reminding you that in this world there'll be worst that could happen, please refer to my exam's result on my desk, i flunk, please forgive.

and IF you're not mad anymore, please call my handphone to get me back for dinner.


I am utterly speechless after reading the letter. Really, really speechless. I think i've read it somewhere somehow before. HAHA. Well A good letter indeed. I have nothing more to say. =D


Robin said...

this is a good one
i cant stop laughing!!

BLue said...

mom might screw me before she finish the letter -.-

cazzycazz said...

I laugh my head off & could not find it now!! lol..... Drop dead funny!

molly said...

A smart boy's nore to avoid punishment for poor results. Hahaha

Apple said...

ROFL. It makes me speechless as well. I thought what sort of letter is this..turns out to be like that...really 炸到!

crystallisation(: said...


BEAN said...


wEtwEtwAtEr said...

Maybe I should try this when I get my results in the next semester.
Then again, I doubt my dad will read the whole letter. Before I know it, I would be dead meat. LOL!

joshuaongys said...

> robin : lolx hahahaha good thing u like it!

> blue : lolx thats if u were beside her!

> cazzycazz : wtf ur head... come i help u find!!

> molly : if that's true den the boy was smart kekekekeke

> apple : za dou rite?? it was funny but i really duno wat to say also after reading it haha

> crystallisation(: : yes nice one!! good one for the writer who's obviously not me >< !!

> bean : xD

> wetwetwater : taikor u sure u wana try this ar hahaha yea la i know ur nick sapsapsui lolx buthen dont try it weh hahaha

blue_racoon said...

=_=" swt....swt..

I think if I was in his dad's shoes, I would have already passed out way before the "extra" part of the letter OR I'd just wouldn't know how I should react the next time I see that son of mine....

but it was a good laugh anyhoo..... :D

joshuaongys said...

> blue_racoon : haha if la u're in his dad's shoe, u might not passed out, you might get so angry and tear the letter already without reading the extra part also.. lolx

glad u enjoyed it!! =)

~JoAnNi~ said...

OMG!!!! Waahhahaha...this was totally hilarious!! Nice post! ;)

joshuaongys said...

> ~JoAnNi~ : xD thank you!! Enjoy!

Fiona said...

hey just sayin... the last part of your translation is wrong.. 'cuz the kid said "if you're not mad anymore, please call me back for dinner" not "if you're angry"

no offence yahh ;)

Cathy said...

It was published out before??lol

Lynn said...

I was like so serious then..


Hmm.. Msia's newspaper?

Anonymous said...

lol....i shall keep tat in my mind for my future results...haha

joshuaongys said...

> fiona : ehh thanks lolx.. i miss that one word there... =) hehehe edited already ^^

> cathy : yea in some chinese newspaper 2 yrs ago... its not a REAL letter la, its like some jokes area i think..

> lynn : hehehe i guess so!

> anonymous : lolx try and tell me the outcome ya!

Yi Ling said...

haha. that sure was interesting ^^

joshuaongys said...

> yi ling : xD

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