Friday, September 12, 2008

YumCha with tbm-ians and Diablo1

I just came back from a YumCha session with Ah Fo and Steph - all 3 of us from the same high school. As interesting as it seems, the topics we chatted were some mutual friends we had, the times when we're still in SMKTBM, the gossips around and some specific people that is weird that exist around us.

a few hours spent. Before leaving Ah Fo gave me this, all the way from UK. 2 Keychains, i asked why 2? He answered "nice mah, one gold one silver" O.O hahahaha well thanks anyway. Nice meeting him again after so long. He's heading back to UK for studies on Sunday.

and yea, i just installed Diablo1. xD


Joshua said...

Diablo, 'eh? I beat it, once. I don't suppose you've ever played NetHack, my brother? That's the manly man's Diablo. Arr. :D

joshuaongys said...

> joshua : hahahah i think i didnt complete it the last time i played, i was in primary school and it was like my first time playin computer games O.O

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