Wednesday, September 10, 2008

yummielicious looking blogger

Just a few days ago, one of my friend message me about this blogger related gameshow/mini-contest running on a site with the name amuso. The game show title is yummielicious looking blogger.

just like most game show in the website, members of the site just have to post a photo they think will stand out in the contest/game show and win points/money. Yes some of the game show there does helps you win money.

In the picture above you can see and clearly differentiate the money and points at the down most right side of every game shows. Members of the Amuso site create gameshows and some members joining in and compete where members of the website would vote for the best ones!! Sounds fun. xD

So you just have to sign up and start participating in the various game shows over there at the website! =D

and back to the yummielicious looking blogger game show which is the main point of this post. Do join in yea!! 8 more running days and the game show will be close.

About Amuso
Amuso – Next Generation Game Shows

Amuso is the game show platform that lets everyone run a show, be a star and take home the prizes. Flip to your favorite channel and browse everything from photo contests to high glamour talent shows. Create a show and make money when it takes off, or be a contestant to showcase your talent. Because anyone can create a show and share in the profit – we like to think we’re empowering the media moguls of tomorrow.
Who is building Amuso?
Jordi and Barak have been dreaming up the next generation of game shows since their days at Yahoo! In 2007, they assembled a world class development team in Barcelona to realize their vision, and Amuso was born. Advised by industry veterans from EMI Music and Xbox LIVE, Team Amuso is bringing user generated game shows to global audiences.

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